Huawei Registered Patent For Expandable Screen Phone

In 2021 we saw several patents from Huawei about a foldable cell phone that could be called Huawei Mate X Rollable. Now the Chinese company has registered a new patent in China entitled “Flexible Screen Support Mechanism and Rollable Electronic Device”.

huawei rollable phone patent

According to the State Intellectual Property Office, on October 31, 2020, Huawei applied for a patent for the scrollable display technology, which has now been published under the number CN114439343A.

The source shows a single image for the patent in which we can see, the supporting mechanism for the rollable display and the rollable device has a simple structure and takes up little space. This new technology for rollable displays could be used in future Huawei devices.

In addition, the patent document provides a mechanism for a scrollable display that includes a support structure having a component and a rotatable component. All very technical, but still exciting.

How this scrollable display of Huawei works:

  1. Adjacent support assemblies are rotatably connected by a first pivot shaft. The pivot assembly and the support assembly are rotatably connected to each other by a second pivot shaft. And adjacent rotating assemblies are rotatably connected by a third rotating shaft.
  2. The pivot assemblies may be rotatably connected relative to the support assembly. The rotating assemblies can toggle and transition between the first and second states.
  3. When the pivot assembly is in the first state, the axis of the first pivot shaft is collinear with the axis of the third pivot shaft, the adjacent support structures can pivot relative to the first or third pivot shaft, and the flexible portafilter mechanism can be rolled.
  4. When the rotating assembly is in the second state, the axis of the first rotating shaft intersects the axis of the third rotating shaft, the adjacent support structures cannot rotate relative to each other, and the flexible portafilter mechanism cannot be rolled.

Of course, we don’t yet know whether and with which future smartphone Huawei will actually apply this patent. It could be used in one of the next X models. Perhaps Huawei’s first rollable display will also be used in a smaller device, such as a successor to the P50 Pocket, or in a whole new line of devices.

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