Honor Magic OS for Windows Leaked

Honor Magic OS for Windows

Recently, we saw some news concerning Honor Magic OS for Windows. Plus, there were some leaked photos showing M-shaped stickers.

Initially, Honor has been known for transforming from “Magic UI” to “Magic OS”. And now, Honor seems to move to the Windows 11 notebooks.

One of the Weibo tipsters, Honor Magic OS for Windows is a customized UI for computers. In some sense, the computer system is similar to Android customization.

Recently, we heard that Honor’s new notebook is positioned as a “small flagship” and will be released soon. The Honor notebook comes with an ultra-slim body, improved screen material, and better viewing performance. Also, it will use the latest processor as well as an independent display chip.

Honor will hold a conference this month and will launch a new flagship notebook. Plus, there will be other products such as smartbands, tablets, etc.

Honor’s ultrabook powered by the 12th-generation Core P and U series chips are currently on the market. It is expected that the new Honor notebooks will sport the 12th-generation Core processors or the Ryzen 6000 series processors.

Honor Magic OS for Windows

Last September, Honor released the Magicbook V 14 2021 notebook. This series comes with the Intel 11th generation Core H35 standard pressure processor, optional MX450 discrete graphics card, a 14.2-inch 3:2 touch screen, and a 5-megapixel front-facing dual camera.

Honor Magic OS For Windows Is On The Way

Later today, Honor CEO Zhao Ming officially announced that Honor Magic OS for Windows will be launched soon. It will be customized for notebooks.

“Through long-term technical accumulation, Honor has continued to improve the adjustment and optimization capabilities of the underlying system. From GPU Turbo X, LINK Turbo X to OS Turbo X, we have made the performance experience of Honor mobile phones among the best. Now, Honor will apply the successful experience of the mobile phone to the PC, and Magic OS for Windows, which is based on the bottom-level adjustment of the notebook, will soon meet with you! Let technological idealism shine on PC and create your own new Magic OS ecosystem! The possibilities are endless, stay tuned!”

Honor Magic OS for Windows has three main functions, namely active service, collaborative service, and basic capabilities. But at the moment, we have no idea what these functions mean in real.

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