Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard Went On Crowdfunding

Xiaomi wired mechanical keyboard

Xiaomi’s sub-brands use the company’s own crowdfunding platforms frequently to collect required money and start the production of new products. There is nothing shameful and many companies act in this way to get the money they need for production. For instance, today, launched a new crowdfunding program for the Xiaomi wired mechanical keyboard. It is currently on the shelves of Xiaomi Mall. The retail price is 169 yuan ($26), and the crowdfunding price is only 149 yuan ($23). The crowdfunding will officially start on May 4.

The Xiaomi wired mechanical keyboard adopts a standard 104-key full-key layout with a size of 426x122x38.5mm. While meeting the needs of various office scenarios, it is much smaller than the conventional full-key keyboard. So this product can effectively save desktop space.

On the axis body, this keyboard provides two choices of green axis and red axis. Among them, the green axis is suitable for games, but the sound is too loud; the red axis has a weaker paragraph sense and is lighter. So it is suitable for long-term office typing, and the sound is low.

In addition, you can press up to 26 keys at the same time and there will be no conflict. So it can handle game scenarios that require multi-key operation with ease.

Xiaomi wired mechanical keyboard

In terms of appearance, this keyboard adopts a typical minimalist design. The one-piece shell is matched with the sunken large R-angle keycap. Plus, the keyboard comes with a built-in white LED backlight.

In other aspects, the keyboard is compatible with the Win/Mac systems and can be switched between two adaptation modes through the Fn+Win combination key. Moreover, it comes with a two-stage footrest.

We have to say this is not the first Xiaomi mechanical keyboard and we know they are great not only in terms of quality but also in performance.

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