New Sony Xperia Phones Coming On May 11

Sony Xperia

Sony released the first Xperia smartphone long ago. But the Xperia Z launched in 2013 was the one that changed everything and made the world recognize this lineup. Since this date, the Japanese company has realized several rebrandings. Initially, it launched the Xperia X. But later the company changed its name principles a few times. Regardless of what the company has been doing, these phones kept their DNA. We mean all Xperia phones and generations have the same appearance. And seems nothing can change it.

Recently, GSMArena reported that a new Sony Xperia conference will be held very soon. Particularly, we’ll meet new models on May 11. This is a bit strange because, on the same day, Google I/O 2022 will kick off. We don’t think there is a trick. But we still can’t understand why Sony is going to launch new phones on the same day when the whole world will be staring at Google’s event.

Anyway, at this event, the Japanese tech giant should uncover the Sony Xperia 1 IV, its next flagship. Prior to this, we have got tons of leaks concerning this handset. And though the event tagline asks us if we’re ready for “the next ONE”, we don’t think there will be many changes in comparison to the previous model. Of course, the processor, the camera, and the screen will be upgraded. But the appearance will remain the same.

There is a possibility that the Sony Xperia 1 IV will sport the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chip. We think so because previously, this brand was the first to launch Snapdragon 8 smartphones. Now, this title is taken by Motorola. But still, there is some fuel in its tank.

Apart from the Sony Xperia 1 IV, there will be other models as well, such as the Xperia 5 IV and the 10 IV. If nothing changes, the latter is going to be a small-screen smartphone. As for this handset, the Xperia 10 IV ought to come with a 6.0-inch AMOLED screen.


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