South Korea To Commercialize 6G Connectivity By 2028

The South Korean Presidential Office Takeover Committee stated that the new government plans to launch a 6G communication prototype in 2026 and commercialize it from 2028 to 2030.

“When it comes to future economic growth drivers, the current government is focusing on a non-memory chip, future car and biotech, and healthcare,” it said, adding, “The new government is planning to add 6G communications, secondary battery, display, defense and aerospace, advanced nuclear power plant and digital content.”

According to the Korean media businesskorea, the Korean Presidential Takeover Committee pointed out that 6G communication is characterized by zero delays, that is, it can connect to any device without delay. Global commercialization is expected to take place in the late 2020s or 2030.

“6G communications is characterized by zero latency, that is, connection without any waiting,” it explained, continuing, “The global commercialization is anticipated in the late 2020s or 2030 and the new government is aiming to reach there earlier.”

Obviously, countries have now joined the 6G race, after the Nikkei Shimbun teamed up with Tokyo-based research firm Cyber ​​Creative Institute to investigate about 20,000 patent applications for nine core 6G technologies, including communications, quantum technology, base stations and artificial intelligence. Countries with more patent filings tend to lead in advanced technology and thus have a greater say in industry standards.

According to the survey results, China topped the list with 40.3% of 6G patent applications, followed by the United States with 35.2%, followed by Japan (9.9%), Europe (8.9%), and South Korea (4.2%). However, there is every reason to think that South Korea will be the first to commercialize it.

What’s strange, many regions even don’t use 5G but the world will switch to a faster and more stable connectivity in a few years. We understand that before it happens, almost all countries in the world will be using 5G but it’s a very short period of time for the manufacturers to design and launch corresponding products. We mean when 5G was announced, there were many discussions that it would change the world because the speed allows various products to send data to the clouds and get processed results in seconds and even faster. In this sense, the launch of 6G should become a revolutionary technology.

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