Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 Launched To Control The Whole House

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10

Yesterday, Xiaomi’s new smartphone dubbed the Xiaomi CIVI 1S was on everyone’s lips. It’s reasonable why this handset was in the spotlight. We mean this is the follow-up model to the manufacturer’s most beautiful smartphone. And besides still adopting a stylish look, it comes with three upgrades of processor, appearance, and camera. Anyway, at yesterday’s event, there was another interesting product dubbed the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10. “Xiaomi Smart Home Screen” is a new category created by Xiaomi for families. The first product, Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10, is a high-end flagship product designed for smart users.

The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 adopts the new MIUI Home system, and the 10.1-inch large screen realizes intelligent central control of the whole house. This smart product has three device control methods through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and infrared. So all traditional home appliances can also be controlled. There is a 115 ° ultra-wide-angle camera, which supports cross-border device video calls, doorbell real-time screen, remote housekeeping, etc. Also, it can be connected to various Mijia products and turn into a large-screen device meeting corresponding needs.

Currently, the number of connected devices on the Xiaomi AIoT platform has reached 434 million, and the number of users with more than 4 smart devices has exceeded 10 million. The advent of Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 can help users manage home appliances intelligently and easily control them with one screen.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10

The Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 has become available for booking yesterday, and it will go on sale on April 27. The pre-sale price is 949 yuan ($146), and the suggested retail price is 999 yuan ($154).

In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 has been carefully designed to look like a technological artwork at home. Its 10.1-inch high-definition large screen, metal bracket, mesh fabric, and simple integrated design are suitable for different home styles. The elevation angle of the screen is steplessly adjustable, and the adjustment range is 90°-120°. So it ensures a comfortable elevation angle and is also convenient for users to operate by touch.

At the system level, the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 runs the latest MIUI Home system. The first screen is the central control interface of the smart home. It shows the status of the whole house according to the scene and room type. The lighting, environment, socket switches, monitoring, curtains, housework, and the whole house equipment are controlled on one screen.

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