Xiaomi Civi 1S Officially Released, Coming With Three Upgrades

Xiaomi CIvi 1S

Following the schedule, Xiaomi launched the Xiaomi Civi 1S mobile phone. It is a fashionable mobile phone that focuses on selfie beauty. However, it is not only for girls. This time, Xiaomi also brings a different selfie experience for male users. The system is also fully upgraded.

Xiaomi CIvi 1S

The Xiaomi Civi 1S mobile phone has three major upgrades – appearance, photography, and experience. As for the former feature, there is a new color variant called “miracle sunshine”, which has been suggested by Xiaomi fans. It applies the purest white diaphragm to the ultra-white electroplating process. It is finely polished, bringing the transparency of ice and snow.

The Xiaomi Civi 1S also has the narrowest chin among Xiaomi mobile phones. The whole machine weighs only 166g and has a thickness of 6.98mm.

In terms of screen, the Xiaomi Civi 1S is equipped with a 6.55-inch CSOT flagship flexible micro-curved screen, which supports a 120Hz high refresh rate, has a 2400×1080 resolution, and supports a P3 color gamut.

On the front, we have a 32-megapixel beauty camera that supports 2x zoom, front-facing AF autofocus, and is equipped with CyberFocus human eye tracking. The latter allows precise locking and capturing of the eye light.

It also supports 4D light chasing rejuvenation beauty technology and 270° face modeling. It can fit the current face state with high precision and create a three-dimensional makeup with flowing light and shadow. At the same time, it supports game-level PBR real-time rendering.

In addition to beautifying girls, the Xiaomi Civi 1S also supports natural beautification for boys, making the face more angular.

This version comes with the new Snapdragon 778G+ chip, which uses TSMC’s 6nm process technology. It is much more powerful than the previous generation. This processor is also the strongest 7-series chip of Qualcomm, coming with the best temperature control and smooth power saving.

The MIUI 13 system has greatly improved the fluency of the whole machine by 27%. After optimization by the engineering team, the fluency of MIUI 13 in the head application scenario is improved by 15%-52% compared with the enhanced version of MIUI 12.5.

Finally, in terms of price, the Xiaomi Civi 1S has three variants 8+128GB is priced at 2299 yuan ($357), and 8+256GB is priced at 2599 yuan ($403), and 12+256GB is priced at 2899 yuan ($450).

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