TÜV Rheinland Awarded First Allergy Care Certification To Jya Fjord Series

With increasing concerns over health, air purifiers have become a new species for every families’ homes.

The up-and-coming new player Jya announced today that its recently launched premium product line, the Fjord Series, has been awarded the very first allergy care certification from the world-leading certification organization, TÜV Rheinland.

TUV Rheinland Allergy Care Certification for Jya

The Creation Of The Allergy Care Certification

World-leading certification and testing organization TÜV Rheinland started collaborating with medical institutions in 2021 to introduce an allergy care program suitable enough for home appliances. With the aim to address both outdoor allergen types as well as pathogenic mechanisms, TÜV Rheinland successfully designed a sophisticated allergen filtration product and performance test based on real-life scenarios

The Jya Fjord Series Performance Under Rigorous Testing

To successfully pass the certification, several tests were carried out at TÜV Rheinland testing lab in Shanghai including cartridge filtration efficiency, indoor allergen purification rates, and indoor environment assessments. The Jya Fjord Series overperformed with flying colors most of the tests thanks to Industry-leading NanoGuard™ technology, with active carbon, which managed to filter out particles and absorbed TVOCs as small as 0.1μm. Overall, Jya’s air purifier notably delivered a purification rate of over 99% for common indoor allergens including pollen, dust mites, and pet dander. The official press release highlights the following achievements:

  • Filtration efficiency for the filter via 3 testing samples shows that all filter particles have a fractional efficiency of 99.7% (tested at a CADR value of 1.05 times the measured airflow)
  • Airborne allergens show a removal rate of over 99%
  • Neutral Odor with perceptible and non-intrusive ratings have been achieved
  • Proper description in a clear user manual ​​makes it easy to understand how this is achieved with personal use.

“The air purifier and vacuum cleaner can remove and filter allergens that can be very helpful to control the air of an indoor environment. But when we use an air purifier or vacuum cleaner, sometimes the standard options might cause indoor environmental disturbances that can blow up dust and other particles into the air which can risk an increase of allergen levels, this is particularly an issue if the seals in the appliances are weak. Because of this, the testing and verification of such abilities are becoming increasingly necessary” said the experts from TÜV Rheinland.

Overall, this is good news for a product that has recently launched in the European market and started gathering some positive acclaim from media and users. 

“Thanks to Sensirion’s high-quality and exceptionally accurate environmental sensors, our air treatment devices have consistent and reliable monitoring with various indoor air pollutants, efficiently improving indoor air quality,” says Dai Xin, Head of R&D at Jya. This also plays a significant part in contributing to the certification.

Highly-Efficient Air Purification

As stated in our previous article, the Jya Fjord Pro is designed to purify a room the size of 449 square feet(41 square meters) while the normal version Fjord can purify 372 square feet(35 square meters). With this impressive technology, it only requires the time it takes to finish one cup of coffee to allow the air in your room to become clean and fresh. Find more information about the Fjord Series on Jya’s official website. 

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