Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 Will Solve Many Pain Points Of Previous Generation

We are getting more and more news concerning the upcoming folding screen smartphone by Xiaomi. It turns out that Xiaomi not only will fix the pain points of the previous generation but also bring a lot of improvements concerning its key specs.

As a Weibo tipster said, the Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 has made great progress, which can be said to be a leap from “0” to “1”.

According to previous information, the internal screen size of Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 is 8 inches, which is not much different from the iPad mini’s 8.3 inches. At the same time, the external screen size is 6.5 inches.

Not only that, the internal screen and external screen of the Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 will support high refresh rate. If you remember, the first-gen model’s internal screen came with a refresh rate of 60Hz. For the current flagship phones, this is not acceptable. We mean when customers pay $1000 and more, they will require everything and all the best.

In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 may be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus flagship processor. This chip is an upgraded version of the vanilla Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. It adopts TSMC 4nm process and has better power consumption control.

Moreover, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chip adopts the “1+3+4” three-cluster architecture, which consists of Cortex X2 super-large-core, three Cortex A710 large cores, and four Cortex A510 small cores. The main frequency of the CPU is 2.99GHz, and the GPU has been slightly upgraded. This will be the most powerful flagship chip in the Android camp.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 plus

The Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 will still adopt the design of its predecessor, that is, using a hinge that folds inward like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 to help protect the main screen inside. It is not clear if Xiaomi has a way to solve the screen wrinkles in the hinge area.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi will also release a camera phone this year. It will hit the ultra-high-end mobile phone market later this year. According to various reports, it ought to be called the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra and will hit the stores along with the MIX FOLD 2.

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