Xiaomi Launches Smart Front Door Supporting Face Unlock

xiaomi smart front door

Previously, Xiaomi has launched many smart door locks that are considered to come with the safest features. Thus, apart from offering various unlocking methods, they are also very difficult to override. However, the company has taken a step further and launched a new crowdfunding campaign in China for its innovative Xiaobai Blade Star smart front door. Yes, you read it correctly – it’s a front door with smart features. The Xiaobai Blade Star uses 3D facial recognition technology and six other methods to unlock the door. At the moment, it is available for booking at 7,999 yuan ($1,255).

xiaomi smart front door

As said, the Xiaobai Blade Star smart door supports various unlocking methods such as facial recognition, fingerprint identification, a password, an NFC reader, and a few others. On the sides, we can find a 5-inch external touchscreen and a 10.1-inch internal display.

We are dealing with a smart product. Thus, inside, it carries a chip. As for this case, it is a MediaTek Kompanio 500 processor, which is an octa-core chip made for such smart products. Thanks to it, the smart front door is capable of recognizing faces 1 meter away in less than a second. The operation accuracy is too high and it is capable of recording up to 255 faces.

MediaTek Kompanio 500

The smart door includes up to 2,800 components. Many of them are sensors that make the door truly smart. However, apart from them, there is a 1080P camera, an infrared night vision camera, a PIR sensor, and a microphone. As you understand, the latter is for two-way interaction with the person on the other side of the door.

However, like the Xiaomi smart door lock products, the Xiaobai Blade Star smart door can send notifications to the users’ smartphones when a stranger comes into its range. Moreover, if you leave the door open, it will warn you informing you about it.

face recognition

We are dealing with a Xiaomi product, which means you can integrate it into the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem via the Mijia app.

The Xiaobai Blade Star smart door has a 3.5-inch thickness and is made of a layer of reinforced iron. You can choose from two color variants and there are various sizes. There are two options of a right opening and a left opening door.

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