POCO C40 To Debut MIUI Go System

As 91mobiles reports, the Xiaomi POCO C40 entry-level model has already passed the FCC certification with a model C3QP. At the same time, a report by XDA suggests that the POCO C40 is a completely different phone, powered by the JR510 chipset and possibly pre-installed with a stripped-down version of MIUI called MIUI Go.


Recently, a tipster disclosed that a flag called IS_MIUI_GO_VERSION had been recently added to the MIUI firmware. This flag comes along with the existing IS_MIUI_LITE_VERSION flag, which is used by Xiaomi to limit/disable features such as floating windows and Game Turbo mode for low-power devices with less than 4GB of RAM.

It’s unclear whether MIUI Go is just a system-level mode to further limit power-hungry features on lower-end devices, or it’s a special look and feel based on Android Go.

By the way, Android Go is Google’s Android system for low-end mobile phones. It’s been released long ago. Thanks to this version of Google’s mobile operating system, apps will launch 30% faster. As you understand, it has cut some less-important features from the original version to make the system run more smoothly. Moreover, Android 12 Go can automatically save battery life and storage space by hibernating apps that haven’t been used for a long time.

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Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the upcoming POCO C40 entry-level smartphone. But we guess, in the near future, we’ll be getting more and more news concerning this handset. Honestly, it’s quite interesting to us what a model we are dealing with because this is the first time when the manufacturer tries its hands on a stripped-down version of its custom UI.

Android 12 Go

However, we should say that this is not the first handset in the niche to come with lightened Android system. Recently, Realme launched the C21Y with Realme UI R Edition based on Android 11. The latter lacked many features and had a stock like Android look to it.

Android 12 Go

Lastly, the processor inside the POCO C40 will come our way from a less-known chip manufacturer namely Treswave. Thus, there is a new player and it’s interesting how this company will perform. And we guess the upcoming POCO phone will cost around $100.

Android 12 Go

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