Amazon Rebrands IMDb TV To IMDb Freevee And Pushes More Original Content

Amazon Freevee

Three years ago, Amazon launched its streaming service called “IMDb Freedive” aka IMDb TV. In fact, the company wasn’t new in this niche, and the launch of this service just intensified the battle with the rivals. Frankly, this streaming service couldn’t make a tough competition to the top players in the niche. That’s why Amazon has decided to reintroduce the streamer. However, this time, it will come under new branding ahead of a massive content push.

Though many knew the service as IMDb TV, it is called “Amazon Freevee”. As the name implies, this is an ad-supported platform, which is free to viewers. In a press release, the company’s director introduced how they see the future of the service and whom it is aimed at. Particularly, Ashraf Alkarmi said that it ought to be ideal for those who want to watch “premium” TV shows and movies with significantly fewer commercial interruptions.

Amazon Freevee

“Customers are increasingly shifting to streaming ad-supported premium content, and we have developed Freevee to deliver them highly sought content with half the commercials of traditional TV,” Alkarmi said. “Our new name clearly communicates who we are: An easy-to-navigate streaming service, available to users for free, whenever and wherever they choose to watch some of the greatest Original and licensed content available.”

In fact, Amazon Freevee will provide subscribers with a certain amount of licensed content. However, the company will keep the focus on its original programming like Bosch: Legacy and a scripted adaptation of Tegan and Sara’s High School memoir from Clea DuVall.

Moreover, Amazon Freevee is going to add its own content by 70% by the end of the year. So in other words, it will compete with Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, etc. If they are able to remain in the competition, Amazon might get an advantage over its rivals due to running two similar services and in total getting more market share and more subscribers.

In this regard, we should point out that the competition in the niche is too fierce. Other streaming services are spending too much on original content. Of course, Amazon has resources and can enter the race. But will it do that?


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