Heyplus Watch Stands Out With Great Price-Over-Performance Ratio

Usually, when looking for smartwatches, many customers do not recognize anything else but the Apple Watch and the likes. However, this market is saturated and there are tons of amazing mid-range smartwatches that stand out with their price over performance ratio. The Heyplus Watch is one of the best examples. In fact, we are dealing with a decent mid-level smartwatch that boasts a specs list that should meet most of your expectations.

Heyplus Watch

The biggest highlight of the Heyplus Watch is its display. The chassis is made of aluminum alloy, which tightly holds the super large 1.78” AMOLED screen with a super-thin bezel. In effect, the watch has a screen-to-body ratio of 71%. In other words, the screen is big enough without affecting the body size. It has an HD resolution, which shows content in vivid colors.

What we like is that there are tons of watch faces you can choose from. There are different types of watch faces, varying from basic images, animations, short videos, and more. The completely new feature called a Mood Face is what you need to try out. Though it is still in beta, depending on your mood the face of the smartwatch will change to one of four colors.

The rest of the noteworthy features include a large battery that can last up to 21 days on a single charge. Plus, the Heyplus Watch has an IP68 waterproof rating. So you can keep wearing this watch in any situation without worrying whether water will damage it.

Heyplus Watch

We are dealing with a smartwatch that is ideal for sports activity tracking and data collection. There are over 100 different workout modes. So whatever you do in terms of sports, it will track your activity and collect the corresponding data.

Heyplus Watch

Other than that, the Heyplus Watch is also a perfect assistant that can monitor your sleep, your heart rate, and even your blood oxygen levels. These are not anything new but they are very useful.

Heyplus Watch

Franky, this watch comes with myriads of useful features. Thus, in terms of operation and usefulness, the Heyplus Watch won’t make you disappointed.

Also, it seems that product testing community Heyup will make some of those available for a try-out. Check it out on their site if you want to test this smartwatch.


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