Xiaomi To Bring Its 200W Fast-Charging Chip To More Models

Xiaomi fast-charging chip

Almost all mainstream China-based first-tier manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, and VIVO have all launched self-developed chips. Although they are only single-function “small chips”, these chips brought a huge breakthrough to the flagship phones.

Xiaomi Surge P1 Fast-Charging Chip

For example, the Surge P1 chip, which was first launched on the Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro model, has achieved a record 120W single-cell charging effect. Due to it, a 4600mAh battery can be fully charged in 18 minutes. What’s more important, the chip can keep the phone body light and thin.

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Not long ago, we saw the Redmi K50 Pro also powered by this self-developed chip.

Well, as a famous Weibo blogger reports, Xiaomi will deploy the Surge P1 chip to more models in the future. Thus, more Xiaomi phone users will be able to experience the technology brought by this chip.

Prior to this, Lu Weibing said that the Surge P1 single-cell 120W charging chip is a huge technological breakthrough in the fast-changing industry. It solves several major contradictions of fast charging: fast charging leads to small battery capacity, and increasing battery capacity leads to increased thickness.

The research and development of Surge P1 took 18 months. Also, up to four major R&D centers worked together to reach such results. On this project, the company spent over 100 million yuan ($15.71 million). In effect, they could reach a 120W fast-charging solution that doesn’t affect the fuselage thinness.

What About Safety?

Well, all of these sound quite attractive and it’s good news for all Xiaomi fans. But what’s more important, the chip can even support up to 200W wired charging technology. In simple words, it can fully charge a 4000mAh battery in 8 minutes. Unfortunately, there is still no model supporting such a power output at the moment.

Xiaomi fast-charging chip

In terms of security, Xiaomi has also incorporated a more complete protection strategy. Compared with the previous generation of charging technology, which supports 34 levels of security protection, the new charging technology has been upgraded to 42 levels of security protection. At the same time, it has obtained the TÜV Rheinland Security Fast Charging System 3.0 certification.

So this means that when the Xiaomi Surge P1 reaches new models and hopefully, supports 200W fast-charging, no smartphone brand on the market will be able to make a competition with Xiaomi. On the other, hand currently, there is a smartphone supporting up to 165W charging.

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