OnePlus Foldable Smartphone Might Be Rebranded Version Of OPPO Find N

OPPO Find N and OnePlus foldable handset

Last year, OPPO launched its first foldable smartphone namely the OPPO Find N. So it’s reasonable that a sister company is going to release its own folding screen handset. If you guess, we are talking about the OnePlus foldable handset that is rumored to hit the market sometime in the future.

In fact, last year, OnePlus and OPPO merged into one. Now, they share almost everything, including the R&D and design teams as well as software developers. However, the marketing personnel remains unchanged. Thus, every company has its own marketing strategy and corresponding team. This is quite logical. We mean OPPO is mainly operating in China and a few other similar markets, while OnePlus offers smartphones and other products to the western countries, including Europe and the US.

OnePlus Foldable Handset = OPPO Find N

Why we are talking about is that likely the first OnePlus foldable handset will be the rebranded version of the OPPO Find N. By the way, this smartphone is much smaller than many folding screen smartphones on the market. Other than that, this phone comes with a well-thought hinge that helps it close seamlessly. Honestly, this hinge is way nicer than Samsung’s hinge which leaves a small gap when closed.

Well, as OnePlus is selling its products in the international markets, there is every reason to think that OPPO didn’t release its Find N foldable handset in other markets leaving this chance to OnePlus. Obviously, if we are talking about the same phone under different brands, it’s senseless to release for in the same market.

On the other hand, there are some markets, where OPPO and OnePlus co-exist. So if OnePlus is able to change the design and hardware enough, the first OnePlus foldable handset might go on sale in China as well.

In this regard, we should also recall the OnePlus 10 Pro, which is the rebranded OPPO Find X5 Pro. However, due to shared R&D costs and the likes, it costs much less.

Prior to this, the leaked roadmap for OnePlus smartphones didn’t show any foldable smartphones. This simply means that the rumored OnePlus folding screen smartphone might come only in 2023.

FYI, the third brand under BBK Holding is VIVO. VIVO has already teased its first foldable smartphone dubbed the VIVO X Fold. The latter will hit the market in a couple of days, on April 11. So who knows maybe the OnePlus folding screen smartphone will look like this one.


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