Bauhutte Motorized Gaming Bed Is Ideal For Gamers, But…

gaming bed

Recently, there has appeared a new kind of product that should be ideal for gamers. However, it’s not perceived clearly. Well, we are talking about a motorized gaming bed, which is able to move you from the sleeping position to the one that will allow you to start playing immediately. There is a button for this. Thus, with a single push, you will get ready to beat all of your enemies.

In fact, Bauhutte offers the Electric Gaming Bed as well as the Bed Desk to work in tandem. There is an adjustable desk that can carry a bed under it. As for the bed itself, there are motors to elevate your back and knees into a seated position. Once you finish playing, you can use a remote stored on the side of your bed for lowering yourself back into a sleeping position. Of course, the head part can be raised or lowered separately.

The company is also offering a number of accessories. For instance, you can pair the gaming bed with an “energy wagon”. It can store a combo clothing rack, table, and storage unit. The latter can be used for gaming peripherals. So we can admit that Bauhutte isn’t just selling a bed. We can say that the manufacturer is selling a lifestyle.

gaming bed

The angle of the waist can be adjusted to a maximum of 60 degrees and the angle of the legs can be adjusted to 35 degrees. So users can adopt positions suitable for sleeping, playing games or eating without having to leave the bed.

The standard equipment size is 94 (W) x 199 (L) x 13.8~28.5 (H) cm, and the load capacity is less than 200 kg, which can be used even by heavy players.

Interestingly, the company was selling a similar product with no motors back in 2020. A year later, the company began selling gaming mattress. So, it was the right time for this motorized gaming bed.

The bed frame is priced at around $480 (or 59,800 yen). On Amazon, you can find it listed for around $680 (84,709 yen) with a gaming mattress. As the product comes with a frame of s roughly 78 inches long and 37 inches wide, we can assume that it can hold a US twin-size mattress. Unfortunately, it seems that the manufacturer has no intentions of bringing it to other countries outside Japan.


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