Redmi Note 12 And Redmi K50 Pro+ Are On The Road

Redmi Note 12

After getting independence, the Redmi brand began making more attractive smartphones and showing its ambitions for the premium smartphone market. Prior to this, Redmi’s flagship series has been considered to be the Note line. But it’s already been a few years since the company focuses on the K series as its main locomotive. Both lineups will get new models very soon. So let’s see what we know about the Redmi Note 12 and the Redmi K50 Pro+ for the time being.

Redmi Note 12

Today, a Weibo tipster said that the Redmi Note 12 series will sport the MediaTek Dimensity 8000 flagship processor (model MT6895). Its performance is comparable to that of the Redmi K50, which is powered by the 8100. In fact, the latter is attributed to being the most powerful processor in the history of the Redmi Note series. So we can state that a new powerful Redmi smartphone is on the road.

The Dimensity 8000 is a down-frequency version of the Dimensity 8100. The chip is based on TSMC’s 5nm process and consists of four Cortex A78 large cores and four Cortex A55 small cores. The large cores are clocked at 2.75GHz (the Dimensity 8100’s large core clock speed is 2.85GHz).

In addition, the Redmi Note 12 series will also use a mid-mounted punch-hole full screen with an alleged refresh rate of 120Hz. Also, the resolution is expected to be FHD+.

At present, the Redmi Note 12 series has obtained a network access license, and the models are 22041216UC and 22041216C. From this, we can assume that there will be at least two versions.

The phones may debut around May.

Redmi K50 Pro+

Also, the same blogger said that Redmi has a new phone on the road with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus (model SM8475) flagship processor. It will belong to the Redmi K50 lineup.

Considering that the Snapdragon 8 Plus is Qualcomm’s flagship SoC for the second half of the year, there is every reason to think that this model will hit the stores at that time. This phone may be the successor of the Redmi K50 Pro, and it may be named the Redmi K50 Pro+.

As the most powerful flagship in Redmi’s history, one of the biggest highlights of the machine is that it is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus flagship processor. This is a more powerful mobile phone chip than Qualcomm Snapdragon 8, and it will also be the most powerful performance flagship of the Android camp.

This chip uses a “1+3+4” three-cluster architecture, consisting of a super-large core Cortex X2, a large-core Cortex A710, and a small-core Cortex A510. The CPU frequency is 2.99GHz, and the GPU has been slightly upgraded. It is based on TSMC’s 4nm process.

Plus, the phone will sport a 2K OLED flexible straight screen and support 120W fast charging.

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