Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 4G Officially Released At 399 yuan ($63)

Xiaomi Walkie-talkie 3

The brand Xiaomi is known for launching products in various niches. Moreover, in many segments, it releases products that have no predecessors. We don’t mean those products that come with many innovations. Instead, we are talking about those that allow average customers to get their hands on products at a much lower price. For instance, when a few years ago Xiaomi released its first short-throw laser projector, it was the only product on the market priced at around $2000, while its rival was offering similar models at around $10,000. In some sense, the walkie-talkies coming our way from Xiaomi belong to this category. There have been a few generations of such products. And today, the manufacturer released the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 4G. The price starts at 399 yuan ($63) and it is already available for pre-order.

The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 supports a 4G network, achieving a maximum intercom distance of 5,000 kilometers, breaking through the limit of the traditional walkie-talkie call distance.

Xiaomi Walkie-talkie 3

Apart from this, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 4G has a variety of intercom functions, including independently completing group building, face-to-face rapid team formation, ultra-long-distance private intercom, OTA air upgrade, etc. It also supports one-to-one/one-to-many intercom as well as a two-way voice call.

In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 4G is equipped with a 40mm large-size speaker unit, a professional audio processing chip, and has an environmental noise reduction algorithm, which reduces the distortion rate by 10.9%. It increases the volume by 30%.

Xiaomi Walkie-talkie 3

The walkie-talkie sports a built-in 3000mAh battery, which can achieve up to 100 hours of standby and up to 60 hours of use. There is also a Type-C interface.

The Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie 3 4G retains a 3.5mm headset. But you can also use Bluetooth headsets. Our protagonist also features a 2-inch color screen, supports IP54 protection, and has an integrated back clip.

Prior to this, Xiaomi has managed to launch a few walkie-talkies. They have been welcomed by users with applause. We mean the Xiaomi Walkie-Talkie category products have been providing users with the best performance in terms of price-over-hardware ratio. So the third generation of this series is not going to be an exception.

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