Ugreen unveils new 100W GaN charger, Nexode

Charging technologies have seen massive improvements in the past year, with the introduction of gallium nitride technology, providing users with the ability to charge multiple devices at a very fast speed.

Ugreen, a global leader in charging accessories, just released its latest fast charger: the Nexode 100W charger, aiming to deliver more power and ports with better safety due to its use of gallium nitride (GaN) integrated circuits (IC).

According to Ugreen’s announcement, their proprietary technology called Nexode will distinguish itself from others by combining GaN chips and proprietary Ugreen technology to offer dynamic flexible charging. Nexode chargers are compact and capable of supplying the exact amount of power a device needs. Furthermore, the GaN technology in Nexode chargers offers better heat dissipation and more energy efficiencies compared to silicon-based chargers.

The Nexode 100W GaN charger has four ports, three USB-C and one USB-A. With four ports, this charger retails at a very competitive price of $79.99  on Amazon and is also available on Ugreen’s official store.

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