Buy Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer For Just $299.99 (Coupon Deal)

The Artillery Genius PRO 3D printer is the little sister of the Sidewinder X2. It offers the same features, but in a more compact format, ideal for those looking to save space. It, therefore, offers one of the best compromises between print quality, functionality, and accessibility. Whether DIY or miniature is your passion, whether you have advanced professional needs or simply looking for an ultra-versatile machine, the Genius will meet all your needs thanks to its extreme precision, speed of printing, and ease of use. of use. Its design is optimized allowing it to have a very small footprint. In addition, cable management, based on flat cables, makes the printer even more discreet, which will not distort its environment.

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Technical Specifications of Artillery Genius Pro

Version Genius PRO
Type of technology FDM / Filament
Volume d’impression 22x22x25 cm (23×23 cm tray)
Machine footprint 39x43x74 cm with a spool included
Type extruder Direct Drive / Extrusion Type Titan
Nozzle size 0.4mm Volcano type
Filament size 1.75 mm
Layer thickness 0.08mm up to 0.32mm with a 0.4mm nozzle
Print speed Up to 150mm/s. Recommended up to 80mm/s
End of filament detector Yes
Print Resume Yes
Heated bed Yes, 220V
Maximum Platen Temperature 140°C
Tray Type “Ultrabase” type micro-textured glass surface
Tray leveling AUTOMATIC (BLtouch type sensor)
Screen touch and color
Files transfer USB key, MicroSD
Computer connection USB
Filament sample provided Non
Recommended filaments PLA, PETG, TPU/Flexible, ABS (housing recommended)

High Print Quality

The Genius PRO is driven by a 32Bits motherboard, coupled with AT2100 stepper motor controllers. This set offers very high precision in the movements of the print head, resulting in prints with as many details faithfully reproduced and curved surfaces with a perfectly smooth appearance.

The print head itself is made up of a Titan-type extruder closest to the nozzle, allowing better control of the flow of the filament. This system, also called “Direct Drive”, makes it possible to print flexible filaments such as TPU without difficulty. The aluminum profiles composing its structure are wider than the average printer, favoring stable movements, both of the plate and of the head. With the Genius PRO, you will have a versatile machine that will meet your expectations for the reproduction of mechanical parts or artistic models with an impeccable surface finish.

Filament printers have a reputation for being noisy, but that’s not the case with the Artillery Genius Pro! The movements of the head are, in addition to being very fluid, very discreet, and the fans barely audible despite their efficiency, which means that you will quickly forget that the machine is working near you.

Artillery Genius Pro

The Artillery Genius Pro ensures the adhesion of your 3D prints thanks to its micro-textured glass plate which offers strong adhesion when hot and releases the object once cold. The plate is made of thick glass and offers excellent flatness, which makes it possible to dispense with an automatic leveling sensor. There is nothing more stressful than finding a failed print due to a lack of filament or a power outage. All this is a thing of the past with the Genius which offers an end of filament detector which will pause the machine once your spool is empty, but also resume printing in the event of a power cut. So you can run long prints without worry.

At the Cutting Edge of Technology

The Artillery Genius Pro 3D printer is a jewel of technology, designed by a team that seeks the best:

  • A printhead composed of a Titan-type extruder, ideal for driving all types of filaments.
  • A self-leveling sensor
  • A Volcano-type nozzle for uniform heating of the filament.
  • A 32-bit motherboard coupled with AT2100 drivers for high printing precision.
  • Ultra-sensitive induction limit sensors are more efficient than conventional lamella contactors.
  • A double motor for the Z-axis, synchronized by belt and factory calibrated.
  • Global operation at 24V.
  • A 220V heating plate, fast as lightning, but also made of micro-textured glass for perfect adhesion and easy removal of your prints (Ultrabase type)
  • LED nozzle lighting, multi-color
  • A responsive color touchscreen.

 If you are interested in buying it, You can find this amazing Artillery Genius Pro 3D Printer on at a price of $299.99 at an incredible discount.

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