You Can Repair Samsung Phones Yourself At Home

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Later last year, Apple brought its Self Service Repair program. It was a strong move from the Cupertino-based company in response to increased pressure from the right-to-repair movement. Recently, Samsung launched its own self-repair program. The latter should allow you to repair Galaxy phones yourself at home.

However, you shouldn’t be surprised at Samsung’s move. We mean Samsung not only follows Apple’s moves. Usually, it pays more attention to big mobile-related decisions. For instance, the South Korean company has been working with the experts at iFixit. In effect, it helped Galaxy device owners repair their handsets.

What’s more interesting, Samsung doesn’t mind supporting the right-to-repair movement in time for the Galaxy S22 series. We don’t mean that the newly-released Galaxy S line models will definitely need repairs. But no one can guarantee the safety of your Samsung phones. When watching the drop test videos, we can see that the front and back glass are surprisingly fragile. So when fallen from a certain height, they could suffer a lot.

Well, all these sound quite attractive. But the bad news is that the Galaxy S22 phones do not support this feature and aren’t part of the new program. At the moment, the supported smartphones include the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21. After they join the program this summer, Samsung will add the Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet. Unfortunately, there is no hint when the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be included in the program.

To help you in repairing Samsung phones at home, the South Korean manufacturer will provide access to genuine parts, repair tools, and “intuitive, visual, step-by-step repair guides.” We guess, for the latter, Samsung will ask iFixit to help.

Will You Repair Your Samsung Phone Yourself?

In the firsts stage, the company will let you replace display assemblies, the rear panel, and the charging interfaces. You can return those parts that are not working properly for proper recycling.

However, you wouldn’t be allowed to do anything about software issues. Say, if the Galaxy S22 was on the list of supported models, you couldn’t do anything with its GPS problem.

But you shouldn’t take this too lightly. We mean the possibility of repairing Samsung phones at home doesn’t mean you should. For some concrete cases or parts, it might look easy. But we don’t recommend you to do it yourself on a phone priced at $1000 or more if you are doing it for the first time.


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