Buy Foqucy GX100 1080P LED Projector – Small But with Good Features

Currently, we find different brands to purchase products, however, there are some that do not even have an official store in Spain, but thanks to pages like Geekbuying we can access said equipment. The advantage is that is not so common models have more affordable costs. Proof of this is the projector that we are going to analyze today, which has good functions. We are talking specifically about the Foqucy GX100. Adopting the most advanced technology, GX100 mini projector’s chip consists of tens of thousands of reflective lenses, each lens is quickly switched every second to render a 1080P full HD picture. With a built-in updated HI-FI Stereo speaker, this home theater projector produces amazing sound quality for indoor and outdoor scenes. With 1800L high brightness significantly provides over 20+% brightness than other mini HD projectors, which serves your eyes better.

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Technical Characteristics

Make model Focus GX100
Guy media version
Colour Black White
screen type TFT-LCD display
Light source LEDs
Brightness 1,800 ANSI lumens
native resolution 800×430
1080P support Yes
lamp life 30,000 hours
Image size 17″ – 100″
aspect ratio 16:9
contrast ratio 2000:1
  • USB
  • HDMI
  • SD memory
  • headphone output
Projector Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 145 x 130 x 5.7mm
battery capacity 5,000mAh
Package content
  • User Manual
  • HDMI cable
  • Remote control

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Design of the Foqucy GX100

Something that we like about this Foqucy GX100 is the appearance it presents, which we like for certain details, for example, the size that allows us to easily place it in any furniture or space that we consider appropriate, in addition, we can easily carry it in a backpack. Speaking of aesthetics as such, it presents a black chassis that, with a good position, unleashes a more elegant environment, likewise, its front tries to offer us a minimalist style. Possibly the weak point in this issue is its construction which we feel is a bit weak.


Foqucy GX100 does not have very wide connectivity, therefore, we will only receive the essential connectors, for example, its HDMI that we can use to connect external devices such as computers, laptops, or players. We also have a USB port, a headphone jack, and an SD slot. In this case, we do not have any option to use the projector wirelessly.

Projection Quality

The Foqucy GX100 offers an acceptable projection thanks to the optimization that it includes, in addition, it supports content at 720P and 1080P, although we feel that the quality is lost a bit considering that it is not its native resolution. However, it is a detail that does not bother me too much.

Due to the corrections it offers, we will perceive more vivid and intense colors, although we recommend that the room does not have excessive lighting since this can cause quality losses. It is possible to project a screen of up to 100 inches to view content.


Thanks to its multimedia player we will receive an acceptable sound effect, as if that were not enough, Dolby Audio includes an improvement that few projectors of this type offer, so we will receive higher quality audio. It will not be an incredible experience either, however, considering several points, it ends up being something attractive. Although if you want a true experience it is best to use a soundbar.

More Notable Features

Thanks to a function that includes the Foqucy GX100 we can load content from streaming platforms, so we can enjoy movies, series, documentaries, and music directly on the projector. In the same way, it works perfectly with applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Foqucy GX100

Ideal options for presentations or conferences. The useful lifetime that this Foqucy GX100 promise is 30,000 hours, although for this we must use the projector only between three or four hours per day since with greater use the time is considerably shortened.

 If you are interested in buying it, You can find this amazing Foqucy GX100 1080P LED Projector on at a price of $59.99 at an incredible discount.

Coupon Code: 6O9PPHCB
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Focus GX100: Pros and Cons

  • portable design
  • connectivity
  • Projection
  • Function to transmit content
  • Price
  • no wifi
  • without Bluetooth
  • Its support for 720P and 1080P is not that good
  • Improvable sound
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