Black Shark 5 Series Officially Released, Starting At 2799 yuan ($441)

Black SHark 5 Pro

Today, the Black Shark 5 series smartphones were announced. The lineup includes three models, Black Shark 5, Black Shark 5 Pro, and Black Shark 5 RS.

Features in Common

The Black Shark 5 Pro sports the Snapdragon 8 5G mobile platform, while the Black Shark 5 uses the Snapdragon 870 chip. As for the Black Shark 5 RS, it comes with the Snapdragon 888/888+ chip. The Black Shark 5 series boasts a full-system disk array system 2.0. The latter greatly improves read and write speed. Also, they use the new “anti-gravity dual VC liquid cooling system”, which increases the condensate flow capacity by 30%+. At the same time, the VC comprehensive thermal conductivity is increased by 50% +. As Black Shark said, 5320mm² is “probably” the largest dual VC area in the mobile phone industry. The Black Shark 5 Pro laboratory score of AnTuTu is 1,129,716.

The entire series supports 120W super flash charging and sports a 4650mAh capacity battery. The latter can be charged to 100% in just 15 minutes.

However, we are dealing with a gaming smartphone. So there should be corresponding features as well. The Black Shark 5 series comes with a “Magnetic lift shoulder key 2.0” operation, “TouchControl Touch Master” full-link touch optimization solution, etc.

The Black Shark 5 series upgrades the dual-zone screen pressure-sensing technology, further increasing the pressure-sensing effective area by 16%.

Also, they sport a 144Hz 6.7-inch OLED flexible straight screen with over 1 billion colors, 10-bit color depth, etc.

The series sports a 64MP/100MP professional-grade camera. The main lens is accompanied by a 13MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 5MP telephoto macro lens.

The series supports AAC technology. It also comes with an AudioZOOM sound source zoom support, which can accurately capture sound details. Other than that, the phone uses an industry-leading NLC algorithm to restore lossless sound quality.

The Black Shark 5 series runs on the new JOYUI13 system.

Black Shark 5 Pro

The back of the Black Shark 5 Pro mobile phone is made of 3D curved glass, and a unique microscopic optical structure is created through multi-axis nano-optical coating. It uses the simplest linear elements to form a technological futuristic sense.

The Pro version also comes with Disk Array System 2.0. By adding an SSD solid state drive and UFS3.1 flash disk for joint debugging, the RAID disk system architecture optimizes the order and random read and write capabilities. The read performance is improved by 124.5%, and the write performance is improved by 83%.

With the ultra-high touch sampling rate of 720Hz on the screen, the Black Shark 5 Pro adopts the new TouchControl touch master solution to reconstruct the touch algorithm architecture. For each node, the touch computing power is increased by 20%, and the touch response speed is increased by 15%.

The screen of the Black Shark 5 Pro can also perform dynamic refresh rate switching according to scene changes. In effect, it will achieve a balance between power consumption and display. At the same time, the screen of Black Shark 5 Pro has also obtained HDR10+ certification and SGS eye protection high-quality display certification.

Black Shark 5 Pro applies AI super-resolution technology to video scenes for the first time. So users can turn on the picture quality enhancement function when watching videos.

The Black Shark 5 Pro introduced dual front and rear photosensitive elements for the first time. Thanks to them, the phone supports 360° ambient brightness detection and provides users with a 16,000-level delicate brightness adjustment experience.

Black Shark 5 Series Prices And Availability

Black Shark 5:

  • 8GB+128GB – 2799 yuan ($441)
  • 12GB+128GB – 2999 yuan ($472)
  • 12GB+256GB – 3299 yuan ($520)

Black Shark 5 Pro:

  • 8GB+256GB – 4199 yuan ($661)
  • 12GB+256GB – 4699 yuan ($740)
  • 16GB+512GB – 5499 yuan ($866)

Black Shark 5 RS:

  • 8GB+256GB – 3299 yuan ($520)
  • 12GB+256GB – 3799 yuan ($598)

Black Shark 5 China Aerospace Edition:

  • Black Shark 5 China Aerospace Edition is priced at 3499 yuan ($551)
  • Black Shark 5 Pro China Aerospace Edition Extreme Pack is priced at 5999 yuan ($945)

The pre-sale has already started. And the phones will go on sale on April 2.

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