Xiaomi Released Full-Color Laser Projector With RGB 3-color Light Source

Xiaomi full-color laser projector

Xiaomi is popular not only for its smartphones and smart home appliances but for many other products as well. Generally, there is no digital device niche that Xiaomi is not presented. Moreover, in most of them, it is either a pioneer or has a dominant role. The ultra-short-throw laser projectors field belongs to the former group. And today, the manufacturer released a new model, namely the Xiaomi full-color laser projector. The price is 6999 yuan ($1098).

Xiaomi full-color laser projector

Xiaomi full-color laser projector features

In comparison to the other models on the market, even those released by Xiaomi, this is an amazing laser projector that boasts of an RGB three-color laser light source for direct imaging. The latter solves the color loss caused by the traditional phosphor and color wheel structure. At the same time, it has BT.2020 95% ultra-wide color gamut, and effectively improves the transparency of the picture through LCoC liquid crystal on silicon technology.

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Other than that, the Xiaomi full-color laser projector has passed the SGS low blue light certification. This means that the blue light intensity in the range of 415nm-455nm can be effectively controlled, making it easier to watch content for a long time and do not get eyes harmed.

Sound performance

We are talking about a true home cinema theater. This means that besides an outstanding viewing experience, it also comes with amazing sound effects. Particularly, the Xiaomi full-color laser projector adopts a double full-frequency speaker design. The latter has passed the certification of DTS and Dolby and cooperates with the WANOS China panoramic sound virtual sound field to achieve excellent sound quality.

In terms of software, the Xiaomi full-color laser projector boots the MIUI TV system. Apart from this, it also sports a MEMC motion compensation base, while the AIPQ algorithm is optimized for image quality. It makes up for the shortcomings of laser projection images.

In terms of hardware, the Xiaomi full-color laser projector uses a quad-core Amlogic T982 CPU, which is coupled with a 2GB DDR4 memory. This is enough to provide a smooth performance. There are various connectivity options, such as three HDMI interfaces, and other conventional interfaces such as USB 3.0, SPDIOF, and LAN.

Xiaomi full-color laser projector

Currently, our protagonist is available for pre-order and it will start shipping on April 1.

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