iPad Pro 2022 With Apple M2 Chip Coming Between September and November

iPad Pro 2022

Recently, the Cupertino-based company released the iPad Air 5, which is considered to be a new mid-range tablet with the same performance as the 2021 iPad Pro. Due to the M1 System-on-Chip found on the last year’s Pro and a variety of Macs, it’s capable of providing outstanding performance unseen on similar models on the market. Interestingly, Apple is going to retain the pace and will release the iPad Pro 2022 with the next-gen M2 SoC. The suggestion comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. He thinks the new iPad will arrive between September and November 2022.

iPad Pro 2022 Features

Apple releases iPhones twice a year. This is reasonable because smartphones have a shorter replacement period. However, unlike the iPhones, tablets like the iPad don’t have to be upgraded yearly. The iPad Air 4 was out in September 2020, while the next-gen model came only after 18 months. This is also true for the iPad Pro. In fact, Apple upgrades it every 13 to 16 months. The previous generations were out in March 2016, June 2017, October 2018, March 2020, and April 2021. So there is every reason to think that the next model will come in a few months.

iPad Pro 2022

Though the last year’s model was launched a bit earlier than expected, it brought at least three major improvements over its predecessor. When saying this, we mean the M1 SoC, the mini-LED display on the 12.9-inch model, and 5G connectivity.

In this sense, there is every reason to think that the iPad Pro 2022 will sport the M2 chip and have a few other significant enhancements as well.

Apple M2 Chip

However, the Apple M2 chip will be in the spotlight. Apart from the iPad Pro 2022, it will also power the upcoming MacBook Air. This SoC is promised to be faster, more efficient than the M1. At the same time, it will utilize TSMC’s 4nm process.

As for its architecture, the M2 will adopt an octa-core CPU with a better GPU. The latter might have nine or ten cores. As a reference, the current M1 has a 7-core CPU and an 8-core GPU.

Other than that, the iPad Pro 2022 is going to come with MagSafe wireless charging. But we don’t know whether it will be as efficient as other products because wireless charging requires a glass or plastic back instead of metal. If so, Apple might use glass. Lastly, Apple might make its logo on the back larger to accommodate the MagSafe charger.


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