Roborock G10S and G10S Pro Flagship Vacuum Cleaners Released

Roborock G10S

Roborock, one of the leading outsiders in the vacuum cleaning industry just announced its next-gen flagship vacuum cleaner, the G10S Series. Designed by legendary car designer Pininfarina, the series includes two models: the normal version starts at 4799 yuan (€ 685), while the Pro version comes at 5699 yuan (€ 812).

Roborock G10S Series Features

The ordinary version of the Roborock G10S has five main functions – automatic cleaning, automatic dust collection, automatic water supply, automatic antibacterial, and self-cleaning of the base itself.

Due to automatic dust collection, you don’t have to empty it for up to 60 days. Moreover, it adopts a dual-fan dust collection design, which ensures a two-dimensional air path to form a “little swirl” in the dust box. It will clean all corners as well as quickly empty the dust box under super suction of 27000Pa.

Roborock G10S

Apart from this, the Roborock G10S comes with a brand-new dust collection technology. It is capable of predicting the state of the dust container. Afterward, it will intelligently and dynamically adjust the dust collection intensity and dust collection time. In order to make the filter server for a longer time, the cleaner will remove the flakes of dust on the filter itself.

By the way, the cleaner’s dust box uses a “4 + 1” composite material with a pre-separation non-stick layer, a double melt layer with a micron-level filter, and an antibacterial and anti-mold layer. The latter boasts a filtration efficiency of dust and other allergens. The filtration accuracy exceeds 99,5%.


This product also supports mopping. For this purpose, the manufacturer has designed a dual power cleaning module. You can also schedule the mopping frequency as well as set it by zone. There are three modes to choose from – water-saving wash / daily wash / deep wash. Lastly, under the mop, we can find a self-cleaning wiper, which will remove the slurry and some solid dirt.

Roborock G10S

Besides these features, Roborock has upgraded the rest of the features as well. Now, it comes with a Max+ feature, which has a maximum suction power of 5100 Pa.

More importantly, the Roborock G10S series comes with the new RR Mason 9.0 algorithm system. In effect, the algorithm, with the help of sensors, is capable of identifying common objects in 3D, measuring distances, and greatly improving obstacle avoidance.

Finally, there are a few differences between the original and the Pro versions. For instance, the latter can make video calls in real-time. Thus, it will become a home assistant allowing us to see what’s happening in the room. The product has passed the TüV Rheinland privacy security certification.


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