Xiaomi Launched Mijia Refrigerator 630L Ice Crystal Version

Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version

Yesterday, Xiaomi announced that the Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version is already out. The price starts at 3499 yuan ($550), and the pre-sale has officially started.

Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version

According to the official introduction, this refrigerator has a capacity of 630L. The fridge has ample storage space of 223 L of freezer space and 407 L of refrigeration space. Also, there are 6 drawers for independent storage and a glass panel material. The latter is transparent like ice crystals. At the same time, this refrigerator comes with a powerful Embraco compressor. It is known for improved energy efficiency and faster cooling.

Judging from the product information, this refrigerator adopts a Morandi color style. Also, it incorporates master-inspired color and is suitable for various home styles. The interior is made of “light luxury metal material”, which supports 360-degree air-cooling circulation. Besides, the 90-degree door body supports hovering, while you can also pull it out.

It has a volume of 630 liters, LED overhead lighting, provides 20 compartments of storage space, a total of 6 independent drawers in the freezer and refrigerator compartments, which is 50% larger than the ordinary 4-layer drawer enclosed space. There is a deodorant module, which supports UV sterilization. The long-term sterilization rate is as high as 92%. Plus, storage space is built into the doors.

Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version

You can adjust the humidity of the drawers to lock in moisture to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for a longer time. For example, Xiaomi suggests that a low moisture climate suits root vegetables, whereas lettuce and fruit prefer higher humidity.

Xiaomi said that this refrigerator uses “Embraco inverter compressor”, which has a 10-year warranty. Moreover, this system has a first-class energy efficiency consuming 0.95 kWh of electricity per day. What’s more important, it generates 36dB noise only. In addition, this product supports the remote control of the Mijia App and the voice control of Xiaoai.


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