VIVO Pad Official Photos Show Standard Design


Tablets are among the hot-selling mobile devices nowadays. That’s not odd – during the pandemic, people study and work from home. So they need appropriate devices. In this sense, tablets are the best option. That’s why many manufacturers have decided to resurrect this niche. Moreover, many non-traditional tablet makers joined the party as well. So if you see a brand that has not launched even a single tablet before but is actively working on a new device, do not be surprised. VIVO is among them. Prior to this, this company has released only smartphones. But for a long time, we have been hearing various rumors and getting leaks concerning the first tablet product of the company. It’s dubbed the VIVO Pad.

Today, the company officially showed several photos of the upcoming VIVO Pad tablet. Plus, we learned about its official release date. It’s next Monday.

 From the shared photos, we can see that the VIVO Pad will have at least two color variants, namely sky blue and space gray. Aso, it adopts an all-metal integrated design. The keyboard comes with a touchpad, and the rear camera is very similar to the VIVO X80, X Note, X FOLD, and other models. In addition, this tablet also supports linkage with mobile phones and is expected to create its own interconnected ecosystem, including transferring files and controlling mobile apps. In fact, almost all first-tier Chinese tech brands have developed their own linkage systems. So VIVO should do it as well not to fall behind them.

VIVO Pad Features

As for the key features, our protagonist has already managed to pass the 3C certification before. The model is PA2170, and the standard charger has up to 44W power output. Other than that, from Weibo bloggers, we have heard the selling points of the tablet.

For instance, this tablet has a low positioning and comes with a Snapdragon 870 chip. On the front, it carries a 120Hz refresh rate large LCD screen of equal width and narrow border. It is expected to be around 11 inches. There is a front camera placed on the upper border. The battery capacity is 7860mAh and as said it supports 44W charging.

Taking into consideration all the abovementioned features, there is every reason to think that the tablet will cost around 2,000 yuan ($314). This is in line with other similar models on the market, such as the Xiaomi Pad 5, Honor Pad V7, Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro, etc.

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