OnePlus Pad Has Already Gone On Serial Production


During lockdowns a couple of years ago, people had to somehow pass their time. That’s why some “died” products resurrected. The tablets were among them. Currently, this niche is growing at a stable pace. So many manufacturers have decided to launch new models. What’s more interesting, not only traditional tablet makers but also newbies are offering updated models. In this sense, we should mention OnePlus. We have heard about the forthcoming OnePlus tablet many times. Today, the so-called OnePlus Pad once again leaked on the net.

OnePlus Pad

As some sources claim, the forthcoming OnePlus Pad has already entered the production phase. The same sources say that we are dealing with a mid-range tablet that is going to make tough competition to similar models on the market.

Particularly, a tipster Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) tweeted that the OnePlus Pad has already gone on serial production in several Eurasian and European regions. So there is every reason to think that the tablet will be uncovered in the near future.

Our protagonist is said to hit the stores in the first half of 2022. Moreover, the tablet will run Android 12L out-of-the-box. The latter is a special version of Google’s operating system designed especially for large-screen products. By the way, this is the first version of the company’s operating system that is optimized for larger displays. Well, there was an approach to optimize Android apps for larger screen products back in 2012. But we should state that at that time the tablet-focused Android Honeycomb didn’t come with so many optimizations.

OnePlus pad

OnePlus Nord Smartwatch

Apart from the OnePlus Pad tablet, the company has been rumored to come with a pocket-friendly smartwatch. We don’t mean the successor to the first-gen OnePlus Watch but a OnePlus Nord smartwatch. Thus, it will be a mid-range wearable rather than a premium standalone watch. The smartwatch is tipped to compete with the likes of Amazfit, Realme, Xiaomi, and others.

Anyway, some reports suggest that the Nord-branded smartwatch can cost 10,000 Indian rupees or less. There are even assumptions that its price will vary between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 8,000.

This watch is going to sport a color touchscreen. Of course, it will support all traditional sports and health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, SpO2 tracking, sleep tracking, step count, smartphone notifications, music control, and more.


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