VIVO X80 To Come With Dimensity 9000 Chip and More

Almost all major smartphone brands have already managed to release their annual flagships. So it’s the right time for VIVO to introduce its own handset. As you know, for VIVO, X is the basic series. In it, the company launches the annual flagship models that carry the whole responsibility of representing the company’s potential and goals. In this sense, the forthcoming VIVO X80 has a lot of work to do. We mean, as its main rivals are already out, it would be not an easy deal to convince customers that it is worth buying. However, the recent leaks concerning its key features made us change our minds.

VIVO X80 Screen

First, the VIVO X80 series will have a lot of improvement compared to the previous generation. When saying this, the first thing that comes to our minds is the screen. The phone will use an LTPO screen with a 2K resolution + 120Hz refresh rate. Not that long ago, we published an article, in which we were claiming that LTPO will become standard for top-end models in 2022.

Just reminding you LTPO stands for Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide. At present, the two main backplane technologies for small-size OLEDs are LTPS and IGZO, while LTPO can achieve a wide range of dynamic refresh rates. In other words, it combines the advantages of both LTPS and IGZO technologies.


VIVO X80 Camera

However, apart from a top-end display, the phone will also boast a great camera. According to various leaks, the VIVO X80 will come with the GN1 super-bottom main camera sensor. VIVO’s adjustment of camera color has always been deeply loved by users. So we guess this handset won’t disappoint its fans and us.

Charging And Other Features

The third selling point of the phone is going to be the support for 80W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging.

Of course, the X-axis linear motor is also indispensable. Compared with the Z-axis linear motor, the X-axis linear motor has a series of advantages such as stronger horsepower, more delicate vibration, and lower power consumption.

As for hardware, our protagonist will feature the Dimensity 9000 processor. Plus, the VIVO X80 has completed the adaptation of its own V1 chip.

Lastly, the VIVO X80 series models will be equipped with 12GB of memory, and at least one version will have a storage of 512GB.

All these features show that the forthcoming VIVO X80 will have all chances to make a tough competition to other premiums smartphones on the market.


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