Buy Ultenic T10 Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $349.99 (Coupon)

Gone are the days when iRobot, Neato, and Ecovacs shared the robot vacuum market. The pioneers of the sector are constantly challenged by new Chinese manufacturers who come to cut prices with well-equipped robots. Roborock opened the festivities, followed by Dreame, Proscenic, or even Neabot and Roidmi. Today, a new player arrives with a complete robot vacuum cleaner: the Ultenic T10 promises a vacuum cleaner-floor scrubber delivered with an automatic emptying station, which also acts as a charging base.

The latest addition, but only in chronological order, is Ultenic T10, made by the sister brand of Proscenic, very successful in this field. It starts from a very solid technical base, with an LDS 8.0 laser navigation system, capable of detecting 99% of obstacles and drawing very precise maps using a new SLAM algorithm, which allows you to optimize cleaning.

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Ultenic T10

Ultenic T10 offers a high suction power, as much as 3000 Pa, while keeping the noise low, to ensure maximum acoustic comfort. And thanks to the 5,200 mAh battery it is able to work for over 4 hours before having to recharge, which is more than enough time even to clean a very large house of over 250 square meters. The robot automatically recognizes the carpets and consequently increases the suction power, pushing the bristles deeper to collect even the most difficult dirt. Under the dirt collection tank it is possible to mount a water tank which, combined with a microfibre cloth, improves cleaning by collecting a greater quantity of dirt.

It is obviously possible to control the functions of the robot through the companion app, which allows you to obtain a large amount of information, both relating to the activities performed and to the maintenance of the product. You can schedule cleaning, clean only certain rooms, and update the firmware to get new features. There is also the possibility of connecting it to Amazon Alexa, to control its operation also via voice commands.

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The most interesting function is obviously the automatic collection of dirt. Once the robot has returned to the recharging base, the latter, based on the schedule set in the application, will take care of sucking up the collected dirt, conveying it inside a bag, capable of containing 6/8 dirt. weeks. In this way, you will not have to remember to empty the collected dirt tank every day, or in any case on a regular basis, you will have fewer components to clean and the certainty that all the dirt will be conveyed into a bag that you can easily throw away with the garbage.

In the event that the remaining battery charge does not allow the cleaning to be completed, Ultenic T10 will automatically return to the charging base to fill up with energy and resume from the exact point where it was interrupted. In addition to the application and intelligent assistants, the robot can be controlled with the supplied remote control, which allows you to manage all functions, including power variations.

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Coupon Code: ULTENICT0
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