Realme GT Neo3 Supports Up To 1000Hz Touch Sampling Rate

Realme GT Neo3

One of the most-anticipated smartphones of this year is the Realme GT Neo3. It will hit the stores on March 22. As there are not many days left before the release, it’s logical that the pace of promotion has been accelerated. Today, we learned that the handset will sport an outstanding display with features targeting gamers.

Prior to this, we could learn from the posters that the Realme GT Neo3 will adopt a centered punch-hole display design. As for the news shared today, it will support up to 1000Hz intelligent instantaneous touch. This configuration can play an important role in games. For many other phones, 240Hz and 360Hz are already top-level touch sampling rates. The higher this feature, the better and faster the screen responds to your touch commands. In other words, it gives advantages to the users.

Realme GT Neo3

Apart from this technology, we know that the Realme GT Neo3 will come with a number of amazing features as well. For instance, it will sport the Dimensity 8100 flagship chip. Plus, there will be an independent display chip that can bring MEMC motion compensation technology. So we can say that the upcoming handset will be a true beast and a genuine gaming smartphone.

Well, besides the high touch sampling rate, the screen will support 1.07 billion colors, chip-by-chip calibration, and COP packaging. Due to the latter, the frame will be 1.48mm, while the chin is going to be 2.37mm.

Realme GT Neo3

More importantly, the machine also supports screen fingerprint recognition, which is a rare configuration in this price range.

In addition, Realme GT Neo3 will also launch the world’s first 150W light-speed charging technology, using the UDCA light-speed second charging architecture. The latter uses a parallel multi-channel charge pump method to increase the charging current to achieve 150W high power with lower conversion loss, lower resistance, and lower temperature. This will allow the phone to charge to 50% in 5 minutes only. the Realme GT Neo3 can successfully break through the power red zone. From 1% to over 25%, it can charge in 150 seconds.

Lastly, we’d like to add that the Dimensity 8100 chip will be paired with the full-blooded version of LPDDR5 memory as well as UFS3.1. Many might think that this Dimensity chip is not much powerful. But in fact, it’s been made to compete with the Snapdragon 870. As you know, the latter is considered to be the most popular mid-range chip that has inherited many features from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.


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