Realme GT Neo3 Shown In Photos: Comes With Centered Punch-Hole Screen

Realme GT Neo3

We know that the Realme GT Neo3 will be officially released on March 22. After a few weeks of releasing various promo teasers, the company has finally shown the actual look of the upcoming device.

As we can see, the Realme GT Neo3 will use a center punch-hole screen. Plus, we can note that the borders around the display are very narrow.

It is worth noting that this is for the first time that Realme launches a centered punch-hole screen smartphone. All previous models were carrying the selfie-camera notch in the upper left corner.

However, the biggest highlight of the machine is that it will be equipped with a dual-core combination of Dimensity 8100 chip + independent display chip. Moreover, we are talking about a phone that will be the first in the world in terms of charging. It will support 150W light-speed charging technology.

As for the independent display chip, it can share the GPU rendering work of the performance chip. Through the MEMC motion compensation technology, the excessive picture between the original two frames of the game can be calculated. In effect, it will increase the excessive frame, thereby improving the overall frame rate of the game picture.

With the operation of the independent display chip, the phone can stabilize the game screen at a high frame rate while reducing the power consumption of the performance chip. In other words, the handset will kill two birds with one stone, solving a few pain points in the industry.

In terms of 150W flash charging technology, it uses the UDCA light-speed charging architecture. The latter boasts a parallel multi-channel charge pump to increase the charging current and achieve 150W high-power flash charging with lower conversion loss, lower resistance, and lower temperature.

Realme GT Neo3

According to a screenshot posted by the Realme executive recently, the Realme GT Neo3 can successfully break through the power red zone. From 1% to over 25%, it can charge in 150 seconds.

As early as 2020, the Realme X50 Pro came with a 65W fast charging technology. Later, Realme announced its 125W fast charging technology.

In addition to the Dimensity 8100, the new phone will also come with a full-blooded version of LPDDR5 as well as UFS3.1.

Today, the Honor of Kings National Competition also announced that the Realme GT Neo3 will be the designated machine for the official competition in 2022.

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