Redmi TV Max 100″ Will Come On March 17 Along With Other Products

Redmi Smart TV Max 98-inch

We know that on March 17, Redmi will release a number of outstanding products, including the Redmi K50 phones, the RedmiBook Pro, and the Redmi TV Max.

Today, the company talked about the RedmiBook laptops. Among them, the RedmiBook Pro 2022 will be equipped with 12th-generation Core chips.

However, we are more interested in the new model that will come our way from the Redmi TV series. As the company proves, the manufacturer will launch the largest Redmi TV in history.

As for the TV itself, today, a well-known Weibo blogger said that in addition to the new Redmi K50 series, we will see the RedmiBook Pro 2022 notebook with the 12th-generation Core i7-12650H, the 100-inch giant-screen TV Redmi Max 100″, the entry-level RedmiBook Pro 2022, and the Redmi Buds4 Pro headphones.

As a reminder, Redmi previously launched the Redmi MAX 98-inch and Redmi MAX 86-inch large-screen TVs, starting at 7,999 yuan ($1255).

The Redmi MAX 86-inch smart TV came with an 86-inch 120Hz high-refresh-rate full screen with a screen ratio of 97.25%, supports 120Hz MEMC hardware-level motion compensation, and has a multi-partition backlight system. At the same time, the Redmi MAX 86-inch has an HDMI 2.1 interface.

Redmi TV Max 100"

It is not difficult to see from the positioning that the new Redmi MAX TV is still a large screen size. There is still no official information concerning its features. But taking into account that the previously released Redmi MAX 86-inch and 98-inch giant-screen TVs all have 4K resolutions, there is every reason to think that the new TVs may use 4K panels and are expected to support MEMC.

As for the latter technology, MEMC stands for Motion estimate Motion compensation, that is, dynamic compensation. It works through the “frame insertion” technology. So the original 24 FPS picture is displayed at 60 FPS or even higher frame rate.

For most consumers, MEMC dynamic compensation can enhance the viewing experience. At present, the refresh rate of mainstream TV brands can reach 60Hz or even 120Hz. But many sources still maintain 24Hz or 30Hz. The addition of MEMC dynamic compensation technology can well synchronize the screen frame number with the panel refresh rate, bringing a smoother experience.

Of course, the new Redmi TV MAX will continue the positioning of Redmi’s ultimate cost-effectiveness. It will be released on March 17. By the way, it has already visited the Bluetooth SIG certification website. So it’s a clear sign that it will hit the market soon.

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