Redmi K50 Series To Come With 5000mAh Battery And 120W Charging

Redmi K50

Because of 5G and mobile games, the battery life of mobile phones has been shortened. To solve this problem, the upcoming Redmi K50 series will come with a larger battery and faster charging. Today, the company announced that the phone will sport a 5000mAh battery and support 120W fast charging. Dut o the latter, the phone will get fully charged in 19 minutes.

However, the thinness, battery capacity, fast charging speed, and heat control are usually incompatible with each other. Large batteries usually bring more volume, and high fast-charging solutions directly lead to more heat. It’s difficult to balance all these, but now, it seems the Redmi K50 can do all.

According to Redmi, the 5000mAh battery is more than 10% higher than the common 4200-4500mAh batteries on the market. So it will be able to provide a longer battery life. At the same time, the thickness is controlled at 8.48mm. Thus, it is still thin enough.

In order to improve fast charging and reduce heat generation, the Redmi K50 also uses Xiaomi’s self-developed fast charging chip – Surge P1, which is the industry’s first resonant charging chip. The topology efficiency is as high as 97.5%, the non-resonant topology efficiency is 96.8%, and the heat loss plummets by 30%.

At the same time, the Surge P1 is also Xiaomi’s 4:1 charging chip with the highest charging efficiency, which can achieve an ultra-high-power density of 0.83W/mm², and LDMOS also achieves an industry-leading ultra-low 1.18mΩmm² RSP.

In addition, the Redmi K50 will also come with a top-level Samsung 2K straight screen. This is the first Redmi smartphone to come with a 2K screen. Other than that, the phone also supports ambient color temperature, DC dimming, and 16,000-level automatic brightness adjustment. The display has obtained the certification of DisplayMate A+, and refreshed 16 screen records.

Under the hood, the Dimensity 9000 processor of the Redmi K50 boasts good heat dissipation.

Redmi K50

Prior to this, we learned that the phone will come in two colors of “Ink Feather” and “Silver Trace”. Today, the company showcased the third color, turquoise. Compared with the iPhone 13 Pro’s color released not long ago, which is called “fly green”, the Redmi K50’s color is more natural and fresh.

Lastly, the series will feature stereo dual speakers, Dolby Atmos support, dual-frequency GPS, NFC, infrared remote control, X-axis motor, and will support the first generation of “Bluetooth 5.3” and Wi-Fi -Fi 6.

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