VIVO X Fold Leaked In A Spy Photo, Showing Amazing Design

This morning, a well-known Weibo tipster disclosed some interest information about a folding screen smartphone. Though he didn’t mention a concrete phone name, judging from the comments, this folding screen should be the vivo NEX Fold. The blogger revealed the screen configuration of the vivo NEX Fold. The outer screen adopts a single-hole slightly curved design. It supports FHD resolution and has a normal ratio. As for the inner screen, the right half is centered with a single hole. It supports QHD resolution, but the ratio is close to square. And both the internal and external screens support 120Hz adaptive high refresh rate. Prior to this, a few years ago, we heard that VIVO’s first folding screen smartphone will come with "the industry's first new hardware technology. Also, the screen, camera, and charging will reach the ceiling of the market.” Moreover, vivo has applied for trademarks for "NEX Fold", "NEX Slide", and "NEX Roll". This simply means that the company has been preparing its entrance the folding screen mobile phone market and will meet consumers soon. Recently, vivo NEX 5 has also been spotted. But we have no idea whether these two innovative smartphones will hit the market simultaneously. When talking about folding screen smartphones, we should point out that apart from Samsung and Motorola, a couple of China-based first-tier smartphone brands have already entered this market. Among them, we can mention Huawei and Xiaomi. Also, we shouldn’t forget about the Oppo Find N which will be available exclusively in China. In this sense, VIVO’s foldable smartphone is the logical continuation of this chain. First time we heard about the vivo folding screen smartphone was a few months back, when Ross Young tweeted that both Xiaomi and Vivo are gearing up to release their foldable devices and even shared expected screen sizes of these two smartphones. Xiaomi’s folding screen is reality. It has an 8.1-inch display. In this regard, the Vivo foldable phone could be smaller with an 8.03-inch screen when unfolded. Lastly, we have seen vivo's patent application of an extendable display. This simply means vivo doesn’t sit tight and might launch rollable, expandable, foldable, and other kinds of ultra-premium smartphones. This is quite reasonable as its main rivals such as OPPO have already shared a concept phone, Oppo X 2021 with a rollable screen.

Today, a Weibo user shared a spy photo, which should showcase the much-talked VIVO folding screen smartphone. The phone should be called the VIVO X Fold.

As the photo shows, the overall design of this folding screen phone is relatively square. Plus, there are still almost no obvious traces at large elevation angles.


Prior to this, we have heard that VIVO plans to release its first folding screen mobile phone called the X Fold next month. The mobile phone’s code name is “Butterfly”. Various rumors suggest that there will be a great technological breakthrough in the core hinge. The product performance is fully benchmarked against Huawei and Samsung.

Previously, a Weibo tipster said that the VIVO X Fold will use a single curved screen with a center hole as the external screen. At the same time, the phone will come with a rear full-focus quad-camera module. The fingerprint scanner won’t be placed on the sides of the phone.

As for the inner screen, the VIVO X Fold will use an LTPO 120Hz high-refresh-rate flexible screen from Samsung. It will be covered with UTG ultra-thin glass, which will surely increase the strength of the inner screen.

In terms of configuration, the VIVO X Fold will be equipped with a Qualcomm 8 Gen 1 processor. Other than that, there will be a built-in 4600mAh battery. In its turn, the battery will support 80W wired and 50W wireless fast charging solutions.

If the information shared by Ross Young, VIVO’s first folding phone will use an 8.03-inch LTPO 120Hz screen, covered with a UTG ultra-thin glass. This is in line not only with the source mentioned above but also with leaks coming our way from Korean media. The latter was proving that VIVO will launch a folding-screen phone with an 8-inch inner screen and a 6.5-inch outer screen. The new phone uses a UTG cover, the inner screen is produced by Samsung Display, and the outer screen is produced by BOE. So we can say that almost all sources have shared identical information. Thus, there is every reason that the final product will come with the features introduced above.

What we know for sure is that the VIVO X Fold has obtained a network access license and obtained 3C certification. In other words, all these leaks are not accidental. The phone is already ready to be announced and will hit the market in the near future.

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