Redmi Smart TV Max 100-inch Is On The Way

After its independence, Redmi began making not only cost-effective smartphones but other products as well. Among them, we should mention the large-screen TVs. One of them has a 98-inch screen. In this sense, the Redmi TV Max 98 has no equals on the market. Of course, there are many other brands that offer large-screen TVs. But what makes Redmi stand out is the price. Well, enough praises for this TV, because another one is on the way.

Recently, this brand launched the Redmi TV X 2022 series smart TVs in China. It happened in October 2021. Moreover, in India, where Redmi is very popular, the company released the Redmi Smart TV X43 in February. Today, we learned that a new Redmi Smart TV with a colossal 100-inch screen size was spotted on Bluetooth SIG certification and 3C certification websites.

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When a product appears on the Bluetooth SIG certification website, it’s a clear sign that it will hit the market soon. We can say the same for the upcoming Redmi Smart TV MAX 100.

Redmi Smart TV Max 100-inch

In the mentioned certification website, it has the model number L100R8-MAX. Also, we can see that its official name is the Redmi MAX 100-inch Giant Screen TV. We guess it will continue the good traditions of the Redmi Smart TV 98-inch Max and become its worthy successor.

Well, not every day we see that brands like Redmi launch giant-screen TVs. But it turns out that after two years, the company is prepping to launch a monster-size screen TV. As for its key features, we don’t know much but the forthcoming Redmi TV will support Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Apart from this, the Redmi TV has also got the 3C certification with the same model number, hinting at an imminent launch. From this website, we can learn that it will support a 60Hz refresh rate.

There should be many amazing visual and audio features. The TV ought to come with improved performance. But these all are going to be confirmed officially a bit later.

Redmi Smart TV Max 100-inch

To understand what we mean, let’s just recall the selling points of its predecessor.

The Redmi Smart TV 98-inch Max came with a 4K display, which boasted 85 percent NTSC color gamut and 192 dynamic backlight zones. Inside, the TV was carrying a custom 12nm chipset paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of in-built storage.

We guess the first market where the Redmi Smart TV 100-inch will land in will be China. But immediately after that, our protagonist will go to other markets as well, including India.


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