Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G Announced At 2999 Yuan ($475)

Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G

Xiaomi has a number of home appliances. Not all of them are considered to be smart products, but you should always be sure they are the best in terms of the price-over-performance ratio. This is true for all Xiaomi products. As for the home appliances, there are myriads of Xiaomi subsidiaries that make various products. Mijia is the best proof. But apart from those brands, Xiaomi makes products for this niche itself too. Today, it announced the new Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G. The pre-sale has already begun and it costs 2,999 yuan ($475). Other than that, the first batch users will get a gift of 349 yuan ($55) worth of Xiaomi water purifier 200G reverse osmosis filter RO2.

Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G

This water purifier uses the industry’s first dual RO filtration technology, 1000G large flux, 2.65L/min flow, the highest pure wastewater ratio of 4:1, 5-year long-term RO membrane, etc. Our protagonist also supports 8-stage deep fine filtration. It has a 4-cavity bass pump, and it can also display the TDS value of the faucet.

Selling Points Of Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G

Compared with ordinary single RO water purifiers, the flow rate of Xiaomi doubles RO water purifiers is more stable. Also, the pure wastewater ratio is improved, and it is more water-saving. Wastewater can be used for washing dishes, watering flowers, mopping floors, etc.

Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G

The dual RO filtration technology mainly filters the wastewater by the main RO filter element. Afterward, it filters the auxiliary RO filter element. In the lifting mode, the pure wastewater ratio is 4:1, and in the standard mode, the pure wastewater ratio is 3:1. The company claims that with RO anti-blocking separation technology, the life of the main RO-800G reverses osmosis filter element is 5 years. Whereas the life of the auxiliary RO-200G reverse osmosis filter element is 2 years.

The use of double RO filtration technology can increase the product life by 150%, the pure wastewater ratio by 100%, and the water output speed by 76.6%.

In addition, the Xiaomi dual-core water purifier 1000G uses a magnetic acrylic cover, which is insect-proof and dust-proof and not easy to get dirty. You can use the Mijia app to operate intelligently. Also, the app will help you learn about the water purification status at a glance. Due to the horizontal extraction filter design, it is easy to remove. Moreover, the new generation of an integrated waterway, one-piece molding refuses water leakage.

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