Realme V25 Mid-range Smartphone Officially Released, Starting At 1999 Yuan ($316)

Realme V25

A few hours ago, Realme released a couple of new products, including the Realme V25 smartphone. The latter starts at 1999 yuan (12GB+256GB), which converts to $316. The handset will go on sale tomorrow March 4.

Realme V25

19GB Memory

One of the highlights of the machine is that it comes standard with 12GB of memory, and supports DRE dynamic memory expansion technology. In effect, the phone will borrow 7GB from the storage and make the memory capacity 19GB. Due to this technology, the Realme V25 is capable of providing excellent performance like flagship phones.

Generally talking, the memory expansion technology is an auxiliary function. During the use of the mobile phone, when the running memory is not enough, a part of the storage space can be temporarily used as the running memory. So the mobile phone can open more applications at the same time and ensure the smooth performance of the mobile phone. As a result, the handset will provide a better performance and run more smoothly.

Realme V25

Another Highlight

In addition to having an experience comparable to a 19GB memory mobile phone, the battery life of the Realme V25 is another selling point of the device. Our protagonist comes with a large 5000mAh battery and supports 33W fast charging. Though this is not the fastest-charging Realme smartphone, in this price range, such a charging speed is outstanding.

Realme V25

As the company has introduced, the Realme V25 can remain in the standby mode for 24 days continuously, talk continuously for 49 hours, listen to music for 90 hours, play games for 9 hours, watch online videos for 15.5 hours, and record videos for 6.5 hours.

Realme V25 Features

In terms of core configuration, the Realme V25 uses a 6.6-inch full screen, which supports 6-speed refresh rate intelligent switching and has screen brightness of 600 nits.

Under the hood, this phone sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor, which adopts TSMC 6nm process technology, contains 2 Arm Cortex-A78 super-performance cores and 6 Arm Cortex-A55 high-efficiency cores. Also, the chip integrates the Adreno 619 GPU.

The Realme V25 has also been optimized in terms of the system. This phone runs the Realme UI 3.0 system. It has been optimized in many aspects for fluency and comes with an AI smooth speed engine. Using data anti-fragmentation technology, it has achieved a 30% improvement in read and write performance. By learning user habits, the app startup speed has increased by 13%, and the average battery life of the system has been increased by 12%.

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