Xiaomi Will Launch Its Own Phone With 150W Fast-Charging Solution

Xiaomi 150w fast-charging

Recently, OPPO announced 150W fast charging and 240W fast charging. Due to this technology, the phone can fully charge the battery in 9 minutes at the fastest. What’s more important, the 150W charging solution will appear on the products in the second quarter. Not only OPPO but also Realme, will all launch corresponding models.

150W Fast-Charging Solutions

In the past two years, Xiaomi, which has made achievements in the field of fast charging, also reported that it has developed a charging technology exceeding 150W power output.

This morning, a well-known blogger revealed that Xiaomi’s new phone could come with a fast-charging solution higher than the existing models.

It is worth noting that this is not a technology that is still under development. We mean it’s almost ready and will be mass-produced in the near future. If nothing accidental happens, Xiaomi’s new phone(s) supporting a 150W fast-charging will be announced in the second half of the year.

Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra or Xiaomi Mi MIX 5?

According to Xiaomi’s product planning route, Xiaomi launches the Mi series flagships in the first half of the year. Say, currently, the role of the locomotive is put on the Xiaomi Mi 12. Of course, the Mi 12 Ultra is not announced yet and will hit the market in a few months, but its main focus is the camera improvements. So likely, it will lack this 150W fast charging. As a reminder, the Mi 12 Pro supports a 120W fast-charging technology based on Xiaomi’s in-house charging chip.

Xiaomi MIX 5 Pro

Well, as for the second half, the Xiaomi Mi MIX is the king and it is always in the spotlight. Moreover, the MIX line is the synonym for innovation. So there is every reason to think that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 5 will be the company’s first smartphone to support 150W fast charging.

According to the previous news, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 5 will debut in the second half of the year. It ought to come with the new Snapdragon 8 chip built by TSMC’s 4nm process node. In other words, due to this chip, the phone’s performance will be further improved.

Well, we have been talking about two Xiaomi flagship phones that have all chances to get the newest fast-charging technology. But there was a leak claiming that the company wouldn’t launch two flagship models. Instead of the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra, the Chinese Apple will launch the Xiaomi Mi MIX 5 Pro. In fact, this makes sense.

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