AnTuTu Performance List For 10 Top Android Smartphones In February 2022

Red Magic 7

After the release of Qualcomm’s new-generation flagship chip, Snapdragon 8 Gen1, the big players in the smartphone field successively launched their new high-end flagships. Most of them come with not only this chip but also large heat dissipation and fast charging solutions. So it is becoming more and more complicated to choose the right smartphone for you. Also, various combinations of new technologies and more powerful hardware make the competition fiercer. So don’t you want to learn about the most powerful Android smartphones in February 2022?

Every month, AnTuTu releases a report showing which Android smartphone topped the benchmark list. Today, the latter showed the corresponding list of smartphones for February. On the list, we can see that almost all models sport the Snapdragon 8 processor. This simply means that in the Android camp, there is almost no chip that could compete with this one.

Red Magic 7 Biggest Highlight

Specifically, the first place in this Android smartphone performance list is occupied by the Red Magic 7 gaming phone, with an average running score of 1,046,401. AnTuTu said that in terms of sub-scores, both CPU and GPU scores are ahead of the conventional models. The reason is the heat dissipation.

Android smartphones antutu

In order to give full play to the powerful performance of the Snapdragon 8, the Red Magic 7 uses an ICE 8.0 magic cooling system, a built-in high-speed centrifugal fan, and a wind speed of 20,000 rpm. With the new canyon air duct dual air intake design, the air volume is larger, which provides better heat dissipation.

At the same time, the Red Magic 7 uses nine layers of heat dissipation materials such as ultra-soft and high thermal conductivity rare earth, aerospace-grade composite phase-change heat dissipation materials, superconducting copper foil, and super-large VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation plate. So the Snapdragon 8 chip can maintain strong performance output while maintaining the not hot body.

With the support of efficient heat dissipation and powerful performance, the Red Devils 7’s AnTuTu comprehensive score reached an unprecedented 1,101,769 points. By the way, this is the highest score in the industry, and it can be called the king of Snapdragon 8 phones.

Other Powerful Android Smartphones

Apart from the Red Magic 7, other models with this chip also appeared on the list. Among them, we can mention the second and third places that are taken by the iQOO 9 and the iQOO 9 Pro. Their average running scores are 1,017,735 and 1,017,447, respectively.

The Realme GT2 Pro landed on the fourth position, while the OnePlus 10 Pro ranks fifth.

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