MediaTek Announced Dimensity 8100 And Dimensity 8000 Light Flagship Chips

Dimensity 8100 and Dimensity 8000

This morning, MediaTek officially released the light flagship 5G mobile platform namely the Dimensity 8100. It boasts “excellent energy efficiency and excellent experience”.

The Dimensity 8100 uses TSMC’s 5nm process node. The CPU includes four 2.85GHz A78 cores + four 2.0GHz A55 cores. It also integrates the Mali-G610 GPU. At the same time, the chip uses a self-developed APU 580 architecture.

In terms of CPU performance, the Dimensity 8100 has a 12% increase in multi-core performance and a 44% increase in multi-core energy efficiency compared to competing products at the same level.

As for the GPU performance, it is improved by 4%, and the energy efficiency is improved by 35% compared with competing products of the same level.

In addition, the AI ​​performance is also improved by more than 39%, and it can be basically run at 60 frames in the heavy-duty sandbox game test.

MediaTek also released the Dimensity 8000 light flagship 5G mobile platform. Compared with Dimensity 8100, the frequency of the Dimensity 8000 in CPU, GPU, and APU has been reduced.

From the posters, we can see that the processor come with decent specs lists:

  • The four A78 cores of the Dimensity 8100 have a frequency of 2.85Ghz, and the Dimensity 8000 is 2.75GHz;
  • The APU 2x performance core frequency of Dimensity 8100 is increased by 25%;
  • The GPU frequency of Dimensity 8100 is increased by 20%;
  • The Dimensity 8100 not only supports the FHD+ 168Hz screen but also supports the WQHD+ 120Hz screen.
  • The Dimensity 8100 and Dimensity 8000 both support Imagiq 780 camera technology, 30% lower power consumption for 4K video recording, high-speed snapshot Motion Unblur accurate capture, AI-NR 2.0 noise reduction.

In addition, both platforms use a new generation of R16 5G technology with a three-fold increase in uplink speed and a dual-carrier downlink speed of 4.7Gbps. It is twice as fast as single-carrier speed. At the same time, it uses UltraSave 2.0 power-saving technology.

Xiaomi has already officially announced that the Redmi K50 Universe will launch the world’s first Dimensity 8100 phone. By the way, the K50 series launch is scheduled for this month.

In addition, the Realme GT Neo3 also announced that it will be equipped with the Dimensity 8100 chip. But the selling point of this handset is going to be the world’s first 150W light-speed fast-charging solution.

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