Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2 Renders Leaked

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2

Recently, Samsung held a new product launch conference and released the Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones. Later, the company issued a statement saying that it has developed another series of products that should be uncovered at the Mobile World Congress 2022. The latter will be held in Barcelona by the end of February.

The product we are talking about ought to be the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2 laptops. It’s going to be a bucket laptop with no serious shortcomings. Today, Giznext showcased the renders of the forthcoming laptop. They disclose all design details of the notebook. Plus, we can learn about its selling points.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2

As the name suggests, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 2 360 will have a 360-degree rotatable design The version shown in the renders is in burgundy red color. But we guess there will be a few other color versions such as silver and black. If believing Giznext’s source, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2 has the codename “mars 2” on the factory schematics documents. This simply means that we are really dealing with the follow-up model of the first generation of the Galaxy Book 360. If you remember, the latter came with the codename “mars”. However, there is still no official confirmation of this notebook coming our way from Samsung. But when looking at the details leaked previously, there is every reason to think that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Book Pro 2 360.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 2

As for the appearance, we can see that it has a slightly improved design compared to the previous-gen Galaxy Book 360 laptop. There is a spacious keypad and a larger mouse trackpad. So operating with the laptop will be way easier and smoother. However, we should also say that there are no major changes in the design. Seems it is using the same display panel as well as the hinges. The bezel size remains similar to the previous-gen model.

The biggest selling point of the Galaxy Book Pro 360 2 still remains the 360-degree foldable design. But we can’t notice in the photos whether it comes with an S pen stylus support or not. We also have no idea whether it will appear in this product or Samsung will lack it at this time. The source suggests the upcoming laptop will feature a circa 15-inch display. Lastly, there are a few interfaces such as three USB Type-C ports, one 3.5mm headphone jack, and one microSD slot.

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