Nubia Z40 Pro Camera Design Shown In Promo Teaser

In one week, Nubia will hold a new product launch conference and officially unleash a new generation of humanistic imaging flagship dubbed the Nubia Z40 Pro. Today, the company sent out invitations for this conference.

In order to highlight the “new generation of humanistic imaging flagship”, the invitation letter includes a retro camera. What’s special is that there is a DIY camera. So once you assemble it, you will get a true camera. The whole process takes nearly 2 hours.

Nubia Z40 Pro

According to the previous reports, the Nubia Z40 Pro will come with a lens that will have a focal length of 35mm. Simply put, it can take photos full of humanistic style. It will use the world’s first Sony IMX787 flagship sensor, with a 1/1.3 ± inch outsole, 50MP resolution, and a large F/1.6 aperture.

Nubia previously stated that this 35mm master lens can reduce distortion by 35%, increase light input by 80%, and improve clarity by 78%. In addition, it also has OIS (optical image stabilization) + full-pixel fast focusing.

The Nubia Z40 Pro will also become the industry’s first imaging flagship for customized optical + computational photography by upgrading the imaging system.

Today, the brand showed the look of the camera through its Weibo channel. As we can see, the phone uses a vertical three-camera design. The camera in the middle has a red circle decoration. On the right side of the camera module, there is a bright background of the same color, with the Nubia logo.

As you understand, the biggest selling point of the phone will be the new imaging system. But under the hood, it will host quite powerful hardware, therefore providing outstanding performance. For instance, the Nubia Z40 Pro will sport the new Snapdragon 8 flagship processor. However, apart from this, the phone will use brand-new aerospace-grade cooling materials.

Lastly, we know that our protagonist will support wireless magnetic charging. The latter is similar to the MagSafe magnetic charging of the iPhone 12. But this one can better align the position of the charging board. It works in the following way – the system uses a magnet to automatically calibrate the charger for optimal charging.

For this, we have to remind you about the Realme Flash. It is wireless magnetic charging for smartphones and supports 50W input power. But as you know, this model has never seen light. So there is every reason to think that the Nubia Z40 Pro will become the first Android flagship mobile phone that supports wireless magnetic charging.

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