REDMAGIC 7 Series Launched: Unprecedented Gaming Smartphones Starting $629/€ 629 / £529

[Updated – Feb 22] Today, REDMAGIC announced global availability for its new 7 Series. Starting March 10, consumers will be able to purchase the Obsidian black 12GB RAM +128GB Storage or its Pulsar 16GB+256GB starting from respectively $629 and $729. You can already take part in the pre-launch campaign organized by the brand on their official site, with a chance to win the latest flagship.

Last week,  Nubia’s gaming arm unveiled a new gaming smartphone to us: the REDMAGIC 7 is out in all its glory.

REDMAGIC 7 Features

The machine has three color variants, namely Dark Knight, Cyber ​​Neon, and Deuterium Front Transparent Edition. The Deuterium Front Transparent Edition adopts a futuristic hard-core mecha-style design.

In terms of core configuration, the Red Magic 7 uses a 6.8-inch 165Hz high refresh rate full screen, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 flagship processor, a 4500mAh battery, and supports 120W fast charging. So the battery can be fully charged in just 17 minutes.

In addition, in order to give full play to the powerful performance of the Snapdragon 8, the Red Magic 7 comes with the ICE 8.0 magic cooling system. It has a built-in high-speed centrifugal fan with a wind speed of 20,000 rpm. With the new canyon air duct double air intake design, the air volume is larger and the heat dissipation is better.

Apart from this, the REDMAGIC 7 uses nine heat dissipation materials as ultra-soft and high thermal conductivity rare earth, aerospace-grade composite phase-change heat dissipation materials, superconducting copper foil, and a super large VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation plate. So the Snapdragon 8 maintains strong performance output while the body is not hot.

With the support of efficient heat dissipation and powerful performance, the Red Magic 7’s AnTuTu comprehensive score reached an unprecedented 1,101,769 points, and Master Lu’s running score reached an unprecedented 1,224,263 points, both of which are the highest scores in the industry. That’s why the Red Magic 7 is called the king in the Android camp.

It is worth noting that the Red Magic 7 retains the 3.5mm headphone jack, and is also equipped with 3 microphones, stereo dual speakers, and supports Wi-Fi 6 enhanced version, giving players an immersive gaming experience.

Red Magic 7 Pro Features

The biggest highlight of this phone is the off-screen camera. So this is the world’s first gaming smartphone that comes with an under-screen camera as well as the first true full-screen handset.

There is a built-in UDC Pro screen display chip, which has two major control units, intelligent pixel enhancement, and intelligent optimized display.

Red Magic 7

In terms of screen specifications, the Red Magic 7 Pro sports a 6.8-inch OLED screen with a 1080*2400 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, supports DCI-P3 100% wide color gamut, 10bit color depth, DC dimming can reduce the stroboscopic effect, and also has the seventh-generation under-screen fingerprint technology, which supports heart rate detection.

In addition, this screen also supports a multi-touch sampling rate of 960Hz, which is compatible with the high frame rate of popular games such as “League of Legends Mobile Games”, “Honor of Kings”, “Peace Elite”, “Running Kart” and so on.

As for performance, the Red Magic 7 Pro is equipped with the new Snapdragon 8 top flagship chip, which is paired with LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 to form a powerful “magic three-ring engine”, and has a maximum of 18GB+1TB top-level physical memory combination. With RAM BOOST memory acceleration technology, 6GB of virtual memory can be added to achieve a combination of 24GB+1TB.

Red Magic 7

In order to give full play to the hardware performance, the Red Magic 7 Pro is also equipped with the ICE magic cooling system, with 9 layers of heat dissipation materials; for the first time in the industry, the heat dissipation materials are piled up to more than 40000mm², and the total area of ​​the heat dissipation materials reaches 41279mm².

In addition, the Red Magic 7 Pro also has a built-in independent game chip – Red Core No. 1, which works based on the Red Magic’s self-developed algorithm to realize the four-in-one magic three-dimensional control of sound, light, vibration, and touch.

In terms of battery life, the REDMAGIC 7 Pro has a large 5000mAh battery. It supports the industry’s first 135W magic flash fast charge, which can achieve a 100% full charge in 15 minutes. At the same time, it also comes with the industry’s first 165W gallium nitride charger.

As for photography, the Red Magic 7 Pro features a 64-megapixel main camera + 2-megapixel macro + 8-megapixel wide-angle three-camera combination. The front-facing under-screen camera has a 16MP resolution.

REDMAGIC 7 Series Made For Gaming

Both handsets boast 500Hz touch sampling shoulder triggers. Their response speed is as low as 7.4ms, making the devices extremely responsive giving the player a faster and more accurate gaming experience. Apart from their main role, these shoulder triggers also support a variety of complex actions. Of course, you can customize them.

Our protagonists run on a custom-built OS using the latest Android 12 version called REDMAGIC OS 5.0. This is a deeply customized operating system to leverage the hardware capabilities. It comes with intelligent scheduling of CPU, GPU, and memory to respond faster when performance is required, shortening load times such as booting, application startup, game loading, and touch screen response. Other than that, the system identifies the use scenes and makes screen refresh rate adjustments according to them. Such an approach ensures intelligent power saving at low-refresh speeds.

Red Magic 7

Moreover, the OS offers an upgrade for the REDMAGIC Studio. It now supports up to 120Hz wireless projection, providing direct screen recording and screencasting. Users can choose the screen recording’s file format and compression rate: default is H.264, 1080p. It also supports a wired projection of up to 165Hz high frame rate with HDMI cast and USB cast.

Through the switch on the side, you will appear in the RED MAGIC Game Space. The latter is a specialized zone where games can be collected and the performance of the gaming smartphone can be tweaked, such as options for battery saving, blocking notifications, or pushing the gaming smartphone to maximum performance settings. Within the Game Space, this is where the gamer can make full use of the shoulder triggers, and customize how they are used in their favorite games such as COD: Mobile, PUBG, or Genshin Impact.

However, you should also know that the RED MAGIC Game Space is a place where gamers will find many useful features such as various ways to interact with messages while in game, everything from completely blocking messages, answering messages while playing, to reading them easily on-the-fly without interrupting the game.

Red Magic 7 Prices

Red Magic 7:

  • 8+128G at 3999¥($631)
  • Deuterium Transparent Version 12 + 256G at 4899¥ ($773)

Red Magic 7 Pro:

  • 12+128G price 4799¥ ($757)
  • Deuterium Blade Transparent 12 + 256G price at 5299¥ ($836)
  • Deuterium Blade Transparent 18 + 1T priced at 7499¥ ($1183)

There are also a few accessories:

  • The Turbo Cooler in gray or transparent version at 199¥ ($31)
  • The REDMAGIC Magnetic Cooler at 299¥($47)

Red Magic 7 Official Photos

Red Magic 7 Pro Official Photos

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