Xiaomi Is Already Testing 150W Fast-Charging Solution

Today, Redmi announced its next-gen flagship series, debuting the Redmi K50 e-sports variant. Apart from the number of outstanding features, our protagonist also comes with a 4700mAh battery that supports the company’s second-gen dual-cell fast charging technology. The latter has a power input rate of 120W, which is quite fast. Say, the mentioned capacity battery can be fully charged in 17 minutes only. When playing a game and charging at the same time, the charging time will be 37 minutes.

redmi k50 fast-charging

Immediately, after the launch event, a well-known Weibo tipster said that both the l10 and l11 will support 120W flash charging. Thus, their charging speeds are going to be way faster than those of many other flagship phones on the market. The customized 6c dual-cell battery is also very large. If you didn’t get, the l10 and l11 here are the Redmi K50 e-sports version and the Dimensity 9000 version of the Redmi K50, respectively.

Moreover, in the comments, the blogger also said that Xiaomi has a mass production solution faster than 120W, and is testing 150W±100W. So once a Xiaomi phone with such specifications is out, it will become the world’s fastest charging handset when taking into consideration both wired and wireless charging.

Xiaomi will release the Xiaomi Mi 12 Ultra and the MIX 5 / Pro series flagship mobile phone models in the future. So there is every reason to think that at least one of these handsets will support 150W fast charging.

Xiaomi, OPPO And Others Work On Fast-Charging Solutions

Prior to this, we learned that Xiaomi and OPPO were testing 200W fast-charging solutions. Much earlier, Xiaomi showcased a 200W wired charger. The latter could charge 100% (4000mAh) in 8 minutes, 10% in 44 seconds, and 50% in 3 minutes.

In its turn, OPPO announced that it would mass-produce 125W wired fast charging this year, and has also released a number of technologies in addition to “fast”, such as internal double-cell batteries, battery safety detection chips, and smart charging technology.

But if we have no information on when OPPO will launch a handset with such a charging speed, we know that Xiaomi’s 200W fast-charging smartphone might appear on the shelves as soon as this year.

With such data, Xiaomi, OPPO, iQOO, Lenovo, and other brands from this range look more attractive than the smartphone market leader, Samsung. Maybe you won’t believe but the fact is the Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones are stuck at 25W charging speed. This is awkward as most of the flagship phones support 50W or higher charging solutions. The Ultra model reached only 45W charging.

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