Google Seems To Be Working On A New Tablet

Google Android tablet

Google recently hired experts to oversee projects for a new division that appears to be launching a new Android tablet.

Google currently has a new job opening for a senior engineering manager of Android tablet app experience. It is going to hire a team leader for the new Android tablet division. In the job description for the position, Google said it believes the future of computing is shifting to more powerful and capable tablets, which fits with Google’s research direction.

“We believe that the future of computing is shifting towards more powerful and capable tablets. We are working to deliver the next chapter of computing and input by launching seamless support across our platforms and hero experiences that unlock new and better ways of being productive and creative.”

Google Tablet Characteristics

Google’s latest tablet is the Pixel Slate launched in 2018, which is a 2-in-1 tablet with up to 8th-generation Intel Core i7/16GB RAM/256GB storage, and a 12.3-inch screen at 293ppi. It was equipped with dual speakers and an 8-megapixel front-facing wide-angle lens.

The tablet runs on Chrome OS. On Chrome OS, users get a desktop-like experience, such as the full desktop version of Google’s Chrome browser.

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However, the biggest feature is that the keyboard can be plugged in at any time. But once it is removed, it becomes a tablet computer.

The Google Pixel Slate supports the Google Pixelbook Pen as a tablet, allowing users to draw or record text on the screen. It also supports running the Android system in the shell, which perfectly installs Android apps on the Play Store. Not only that, but the new ChromeOS system can also realize the automatic split-screen function and support Google Assistant voice interaction.

Google Android tablet

Well, if talking about Google’s intentions on making new tablets, there are many things to say. Some reporters think it will take a few years to make a competitive tablet. They take into consideration that many users do not take tablets seriously. So Google will face the biggest challenge when it will need to prove to users that it wouldn’t abandon them again when Android 12L isn’t an overnight success. But we have to write down that tablets are very popular nowadays. If a couple of years ago they were thought to be a dead niche, the COVID19 pandemic made them resurrect. For many users, it’s the only way to work and study from home. Also, it’s a good gadget for entertainment.


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