Lenovo Legion Y7000P Will Have Enhanced Heat Dissipation System

Lenovo Legion Y7000P

Lenovo is one of the world’s largest computer makers. It is especially famous in the notebooks field. This also means, among the Lenovo products, you can find any matching your needs best. In this sense, gaming notebooks are one of the key directions for Lenovo. That’s why the upcoming Lenovo Legion Y7000P notebook is in the spotlight. Moreover, the company is actively promoting it by releasing a poster per day. Today was no exception. And today’s teaser showcases that our protagonist will come with an improved heat dissipation system, which is essential for gaming products.

According to the official introduction, the new Legion Y7000P gaming notebook will have the main heat pipe thickened from 8mm to 10mm. As you understand, the thicker heat pipe brings stronger thermal conductivity.

In addition, the fan blade has been reduced from 0.25mm to 0.15mm. The lighter and smaller fan blade brings faster speed and lower fan noise.

Thanks to the upgrade of the cooling system, the maximum acceleration power consumption of the CPU of the new Legion Y7000P is 135W, the GPU (RTX 3050 Ti) full power consumption is 95W, and the double-baking performance can reach up to 45W+95W.

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In addition, Lenovo officials also stated that while the heat dissipation is upgraded, the new Legion Y7000P is 11.7% thinner than the previous generation. As a result, the thinnest part of the body is 19.9mm.

Not that long ago, Lenovo asked via a status “Who said that weight and thickness cannot be combined with performance?” Thus, it clearly hinted that the Legion Y7000P will be stronger, lighter, and thinner than the previous models.

In the previous posters, Lenovo revealed that the screen ratio of the new Legion Y7000P is 16:9, the resolution has been upgraded to 2K, and the refresh rate is 165Hz. The 2K screen has the same specifications as the screen on the 2021 R9000 X.

In addition, the new gaming laptops of Lenovo will have three interesting and useful features: independent display direct connection, mixed output, and pure integrated display.

Lastly, a recent poster displays that the performance mode supports stepless adjustment. There are up to three modes of quiet mode, balanced mode, and beast mode.

In total, Lenovo will launch up to 4 gaming notebooks that will sport both Intel and AMD chips. They include the Y9000P, Y7000P, and R9000P, R7000P.


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