Nubia Z40 Coming With The Industry’s First Custom Optical 35mm Humanistic Lens

Nubia Z40

Nubia is going to release a new flagship smartphone namely the Nubia Z40. Today, the company began promoting the upcoming handset, saying the phone will hit the market in February. By the way, the company also said this phone will be the strongest in Nubia’s history. As previously, Nubia has managed to release many outstanding smartphones, the Z40 drives a lot of attention.

Nubia said that the new phone will come with the industry’s first custom optical 35mm humanistic lens, bringing a master-level shooting experience. Compared with the 24mm focal length of the main camera, it is more concentrated and practical.

Nubia Z40

New Heat Dissipation Material

In addition, the poster shows that the phone will feature the new Snapdragon 8 flagship processor. Also, it will be the first to come with aerospace-grade heat dissipation materials, known as the “Master of Dragon Control”. This is the same technology used in the Red Magic 6s Pro.

The Red Magic 6S Pro adopts a unique aviation aluminum-ice blade heat dissipation design. Moreover, the heat dissipation area reaches ​​up to 18,000 square millimeters. So it can effectively reduce the CPU core temperature by 16 degrees Celsius and reduce the body’s touch temperature by 3 degrees.

It also has a turbo cooling fan with a speed of up to 20,000 rpm. The speed is too high but because of the brushless motor, when playing games, there is no interfering noise. It generates noise at 28 decibels only.

Nubia Z40

Nubia Z30 Pro Features

As for its predecessor, the Nubia Z30 Pro was using a 200MP flagship image sensors combination. Particularly, it consists of a 64MP main camera, a 64MP super wide-angle camera, a 64MP “text” camera, and an 8MP super zoom periscope lens. These four cameras cover a focal length equivalent to 13 – 123mm. By the way, three out of four lenses are main camera sensors. That’s why the mentioned model was capable of capturing amazing photos. Other than that, the 8MP periscope lens supports 5x optical zoom and up to 50x hybrid zoom.

However, the Nubia Z30 Pro has had many other selling points. Say, it came with a built-in hand-held second-shot star track function. This technology is jointly developed by the Nubia Institute of Imaging and the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The stellar research team has used more than 20,000+ stellar cloud big data, based on GPS, magnetic gravity transmission sense, and other intelligent AI algorithms.

The company said that as long as you identify the sky, you can shoot brilliant star trails in seconds without a tripod.

Generally talking, when the Nubia Z30 Pro was out, it made a huge stir. So its successor is worth looking toward.

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