Real Experience of the AAC CyberEngine Ultra-Wideband Motor

In terms of haptics, AAC Technology delivered a new answer recently – with the launch of the world’s first ultra-wideband X-axis linear motor, called AAC CyberEngine, which truly gave smart devices a new soul in the haptic ecology, and Greatly improve the user’s tactile feedback experience, and better connect virtual and reality in the “metaverse”.

AAC CyberEngine ultra-wideband motor

It is reported that this ultra-wideband motor CyberEngine is independently developed by the RichTap® team of AAC Technology. It took 3 years from the initial concept to the birth of R&D. It gathered the resources of multiple teams of AAC Technology, and worked together to build it through careful collaboration across disciplines and fields. Manufacturing and precise software algorithm tuning, the technology, and the artistry of the motor are precisely presented.

CyberEngine, both hardcore and artistic!

According to the press conference, ACC CyberEngine has the characteristics of ultra-wide frequency, ultra-strong vibration, ultra-power saving, ultra-quiet, and ultra-comfortable. The effective bandwidth is 50Hz~500Hz, the resonant frequency is as low as 130Hz, the power consumption is as low as 0.12W, and the maximum vibration amount is as high as 1.1Grms, which is equivalent to a conventional X-axis linear motor of 1.88Grms. It is the first comprehensive performance parameter and tactile experience. Beyond the X-axis linear motor, it is about to bring a revolutionary super vibration experience to the market.

CyberEngine ultra-wideband motor

Important factors affecting the human tactile experience include vibration frequency, vibration intensity, and resonance frequency. And AAC CyberEngine has a very good performance in these three aspects.

Ultra-wideband: from soft to rigid

Multi-band expression restores real touch

Under the algorithm tuning of RichTap®, the effective frequency bandwidth of CyberEngine is 50Hz-500Hz, which is the X-axis linear motor with the widest frequency band on the market.

The frequency range of the motor determines the richness of the vibration effect that can be achieved. At different frequencies, the same vibration intensity will have different tactile experiences. For example, the breeze is blowing, the water waves are rippling, and the animal surface is touched. These extremely soft effects belong to the touch of the ultra-low frequency range, and it is possible to realize the ultra-broadband motor to dive to a low enough frequency band.

Similarly, whether it is a variety of effects in the UI scene of a smartphone, or in games and applications, the vibration effects of different scenes require different motor frequency bands to express. The excellent effective bandwidth of CyberEngine can help terminal manufacturers to achieve various effects from ultra-low frequency to ultra-high frequency, and truly create a high-quality vibration experience full of storytelling and tactile aesthetics.

Super Vibration: Xeon to Big

Multiple vibration intensities create a sense of vibration hierarchy

The volume of CyberEngine is 560mm³, which is the largest volume in the Android market. At the same time, due to the upgrade of its structural parts, the energy density is further improved. Its steady-state vibration amount reaches 1.1Grms, which is equivalent to a conventional X-axis linear motor of 1.88Grms, which is higher than the original X-axis linear motor. to 3 times.

The super-strong vibration sense means not only the intensity of the vibration but also the difference in the intensity of the vibration sense that the human body can perceive. This also means that the stronger the vibration of the motor, the stronger the ability to restore complex scenes. Therefore, AAC CyberEngine breaks the limitation of the first-generation X-axis linear motor using equipment, it can not only be applied to mobile phone devices but also to handle devices.

Super comfortable: resonant frequency F0=130 Hz

Probably the most comfortable resonant frequency for the human body

Each type of linear motor has a fixed hardware parameter: F0, which describes the resonant frequency of the internal spring of the motor. The more deviation from this resonant frequency, the more serious the vibration attenuation. The resonant frequency F0 of the original motor in the industry is 235Hz, which is based on the theory that the hand is most sensitive to the external signal at 235Hz, but this does not mean that it is the most comfortable frequency for the human body.

Through continuous testing and verification in the industry, the entire haptic feedback industry now generally believes that F0=130Hz is the most comfortable frequency for people, and it is also the most scientific design, which can effectively ensure the vibration intensity at low frequencies. After repeated polishing, the RichTap® team finally achieved the resonant frequency of this motor to 130Hz. This is the first X-axis linear motor in Android that can achieve F0 to 130Hz.

In addition, CyberEngine also has other excellent performance. Under the blessing of RichTap®, the start-stop time of its vibration is as low as 5ms, and the noise is as low as 33dBA. “Press the brakes” to stop immediately. Moreover, in order to reduce the burden on the mobile phone system and ensure that it can be applied to low-power handle devices in the future, this motor has guaranteed a low power consumption of 0.12W during the design and mass production process, which is more power-saving and makes vibration this The function returns to the basics, and it truly becomes a burden-free thing.

CyberEngine, connecting virtual and real!

Compared with the first-generation X-axis linear motor, the ultra-wide-band X-axis linear motor CyberEngine maximizes the advantages of the limited bandwidth, vibration, and resonance frequency of the excellent performance parameters, expands the application range of motor devices, and greatly improves the application requirements of various vibration scenarios. . It can be used not only in smartphone devices, but also in smartwatches, tablet computers, smart cars, smart glasses, game controllers, VR/AR controllers, and even bone conduction headsets, promoting the further wide application of haptic technology.

At the same time, the ultra-wideband X-axis linear motor AAC CyberEngine will also enrich the dimension of the tactile content ecology, so that the tactile sensation is not only the dimension of vibration but also can express the two dimensions of softness, hardness, and lightness, which brings more imagination to the tactile design. Possibility, the tactile fidelity will also be improved, and the multi-dimensional real tactile experience of the virtual space in the metaverse will be truly restored to achieve a real full-scene beautiful tactile experience.

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At the last part of the press conference, AAC also announced that the Redmi K50 series phones will be the first product of the CyberEngine broadband linear motor.

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